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msx1_cass raththa "Rath-Tha (Spa)"
msx1_cass afrtrail "African Trail Simulator (Spa)"
msx1_cass afrtraila "African Trail Simulator (Spa, Alt)"
msx1_cass amomundo "Amo del Mundo (Spa)"
msx1_cass choylee "Choy-Lee-Fut Kung-Fu Warrior (Spa)"
msx1_cass choyleea "Choy-Lee-Fut Kung-Fu Warrior (Spa, Alt)"
msx1_cass dimomega "Dimension Omega (Spa)"
msx1_cass enchant "Enchanted (Spa)"
msx1_cass genghis "Genghis Khan (Euro)"
msx1_cass mountbiksa "Mountain Bike Racer (Spa, Alt)"
msx1_cass mountbiks "Mountain Bike Racer (Spa)"
msx1_cass mountbik "Mountain Bike Racer (Euro)"
msx1_cass mamboa "Mambo (Spa, Alt)"
msx1_cass mambo "Mambo (Spa)"
cpc_flop amomundo_c1a "El Amo del Mundo (Spa, Cracked by The Spanish Hacker, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop amomundo_c1 "El Amo del Mundo (Spa, Cracked by The Spanish Hacker, Alt)"
cpc_flop africantfi_t1a "African Trail Simulator (Fra/Ita?, Trained, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop africantfi_t1 "African Trail Simulator (Fra/Ita?, Trained, Alt)"
cpc_flop africant_c1 "African Trail Simulator (Spa, Cracked by Abraxas)"
cpc_flop africant "African Trail Simulator (Spa)"
cpc_flop africantfi "African Trail Simulator (Fra/Ita?, Trained)"
cpc_flop amomundo "El Amo del Mundo (Spa, Cracked by The Spanish Hacker)"
cpc_flop choylee "Choy Lee Fut - Kung-Fu Warrior (Spa)"
cpc_flop choyleea "Choy Lee Fut - Kung-Fu Warrior (Spa, Alt)"
cpc_flop choylee_c1 "Choy Lee Fut - Kung-Fu Warrior (Spa, The Spanish Hacker)"
cpc_flop africant1 "African Trail Simulator (Spa, Alt)"
cpc_cass amomundo "Amo del Mundo (Spa)"
cpc_cass choylee "Choy Lee Fut Kung-Fu Warrior (Spa)"
cpc_cass dimomega "Dimension Omega (Spa)"
cpc_cass enchantd "Enchanted (Spa)"
cpc_cass genghis "Genghis Khan (Spa)"
cpc_cass mambo "Mambo (Spa)"
cpc_cass mbikerac "Mountain Bike Racer (Spa)"
cpc_cass raththa "Rath-Tha (Spa)"
cpc_cass reddynam "Red Dynamite Pack (Euro?)"
cpc_cass afrtrail "African Trail Simulator (Spa)"