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fm7_cass bushman
fm7_cass kaguya
msx2_cart eidolon
pc8801_flop kaguya
pc8801_flop pengvill
pc8801_flop pinballl
pc8801_flop xabungle
pc8801_flop xabunglea
pc8801_flop sumgames
pc8801_flop superpit
pc8801_flop superpith
pc8801_flop ultima4
pc8801_flop wingames
pc8801_flop lunarbala
pc8801_flop lunarbal
pc8801_flop backtof
pc8801_flop ballpani
pc8801_flop sayjuptr
pc8801_flop locke
pc8801_flop cityfigh
pc8801_flop eidolon
pc8801_flop fruitpan
pc8801_flop hiranyan
pc8801_flop lawwest
pc8801_flop leningrd
pc98 gtaisen
x1_flop ultima4
x1_flop ultima4a