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msx1_cart a1spirit "A1 Spirit - The Way to Formula-1 (Jpn)"
msx2_cart ashguin2 "Ashguine 2 - Kokuu no Gajou (Jpn)"
msx2_cart ashguin3 "Ashguine - Fukushuu no Honoo (Jpn)"
msx2_cart ashguin3a "Ashguine - Fukushuu no Honoo (Jpn, Alt)"
msx1_cart fmpac "FM Pana Amusement Cartridge"
msx1_cart msxbbal2 "MSX Baseball II National (Jpn)"
msx1_cart msxbball "MSX Baseball (Jpn)"
msx1_cart msxbballa "MSX Baseball (Jpn, Alt)"
msx1_cart msxrugby "MSX Rugby (Jpn)"
msx1_cart msxsoccr "MSX Soccer (Jpn)"
msx1_cart msxsoccra "MSX Soccer (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2p_flop pacdisc "Pana Amusement Collection Disc (Jpn)"
msx2p_flop pacdisca "Pana Amusement Collection Disc (Jpn, Alt)"
msx2p_flop pacdiscb "Pana Amusement Collection Disc (Jpn, Alt 2)"