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electron_cass mmindqm "BBC Mastermind Quizmaster"
bbcb_flop_orig mmind "BBC Mastermind"
bbcb_cass mmindqm "BBC Mastermind Quizmaster"
bbcb_cass mmind "BBC Mastermind"
bbcb_flop_orig mmindqm "BBC Mastermind Quizmaster"
cpc_cass saicombt "Sai Combat (UK)"
cpc_flop andycapp_h1 "Andy Capp (UK, Hacked to launch in BASIC, Trained)"
cpc_flop bigglesc "Biggles (UK, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop bigglesd "Biggles (UK, Alt 4)"
cpc_flop bigglese "Biggles (UK, Alt 5)"
cpc_flop bigglesf "Biggles (UK, Alt 6)"
cpc_flop andycappf1 "Andy Capp (Fra, Alt)"
cpc_flop andycappf2 "Andy Capp (Fra, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop bigglesb "Biggles (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop bigglesa "Biggles (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop biggles "Biggles (UK)"
cpc_flop andycappf "Andy Capp (Fra)"
cpc_flop ashkeron "Ashkeron (UK)"
cpc_flop backtof3 "Back to the Future III (UK)"
cpc_flop backtof3a "Back to the Future III (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop backtof3s "Back to the Future III (Spa)"
cpc_flop backtof3b "Back to the Future Part III (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop backtof3c "Back to the Future III (UK, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop backtof3_t1 "Back to the Future III (UK, Trained by XOR)"
cpc_flop backtof3_t2 "Back to the Future III (UK, Trained)"
cpc_flop backtof3d "Back to the Future III (UK, Alt Disk 2)"
cpc_flop backtof3e "Back to the Future III (UK, Alt 2 Disk 2)"
cpc_flop andycappf3 "Andy Capp (Fra, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop ashkeron1 "Ashkeron (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop ashkeron2 "Ashkeron (UK, Alt 2)"
msx1_cass mrmen "First Steps with the Mr. Men (Euro)"
msx1_cass herether "Here & There with the Mr. Men (Euro)"
msx1_cass spitfire "Spitfire '40 (Euro)"
msx1_cass tetris "Tetris (Euro)"
msx1_flop strikefh "Strike Force Harrier (Euro?)"
pcw strikefh "Strike Force Harrier (UK)"
pcw tetris "Tetris (UK)"
st_flop dejavu "Deja Vu - A Nightmare Comes True (Euro)"
st_flop spitfr40 "Spitfire 40 (Euro)"
st_flop sundog "Sundog - Frozen Legacy (Euro)"
msx1_cass dynadan "Dynamite Dan (Euro)"
msx1_cass 737sima "737 Flight Simulator (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass 737sim "737 Flight Simulator (Euro)"
electron_cass countoli "Count with Oliver"
electron_cass mrmenfir "First Steps with the Mr.Men"
electron_cass mrmenher "Mr Men: Here and There"
electron_cass knowpsiq "Know Your Own Personality"
electron_cass look_sharp "Look Sharp!"
electron_cass quikthin "Quick Thinking!"
electron_cass spit40 "Spitfire 40"
electron_cass starseek "Star Seeker"
electron_cass sharrier "Strike Force Harrier"
electron_cass tetris "Tetris"
st_flop tvfootbl "TV Sports Football (Euro)"
cpc_flop andycapp "Andy Capp (UK)"
amigaocs_flop bermudap "Bermuda Project (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop rocktrng "Rocket Ranger (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop rocktrngg "Rocket Ranger (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop strikefh "Strike Force Harrier (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop tetris "Tetris (Euro, Mirrorsoft)"
amigaocs_flop 3stooges "The Three Stooges (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop tvbasket "TV Sports Basketball (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop tvfootbl "TV Sports Football (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop tvfootbla "TV Sports Football (Euro, Bad?)"
amigaocs_flop wings "Wings (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop wolfpack "Wolfpack (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop risinsun "Lords of the Rising Sun (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop kingchica "The King of Chicago (Euro, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop bermudapu "Bermuda Project (USA)"
amigaocs_flop darkcstl "Dark Castle (USA)"
amigaocs_flop falcon "Falcon (Euro, v1.1)"
amigaocs_flop falcon1 "Falcon (Euro, v1.00)"
amigaocs_flop falconmd1 "Falcon - Operation: Counterstrike - Mission Disk (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop falconmd2 "Falcon - Operation: Firefight - Mission Disk II (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop flintrdr "Flight of the Intruder (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop itcame "It Came from the Desert (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop itcame2 "Antheads - It Came from the Desert II (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop kingchic "The King of Chicago (Euro)"
bbcb_cass cesarcat "Caesar the Cat"
bbcb_cass knowpsiq "Know Your Own Personality"
bbcb_cass lookshrp "Look Sharp!"
cpc_cass dynadan "Dynamite Dan (UK)"
cpc_cass dynadansm "Dynamite Dan (Spa, Mirrorsoft)"
cpc_cass dynadan2 "Dynamite Dan II (UK)"
cpc_cass 1stmrmen "First Steps with the Mr Men (UK)"
cpc_cass herether "Here & There with The Mr Men (UK)"
cpc_cass iconjon "Icon Jon (UK)"
cpc_cass spitfr40 "Spitfire 40 (UK)"
cpc_cass spitfr40s "Spitfire 40 (Spa)"
cpc_cass strikefh "Strike Force Harrier (UK)"
cpc_cass terrordp "Terror of the Deep (UK)"
cpc_cass bdash "Boulder Dash (UK)"
cpc_cass biggles "Biggles (UK)"
bbcb_cass spit40 "Spitfire 40"
bbcb_cass tetris "Tetris"
bbcb_cass countoli "Count with Oliver"
bbcb_cass hibounce "Hi Bouncer"
bbcb_cass mrmenfir "First Steps with the Mr.Men"
bbcb_cass mrmenher "Mr Men: Here and There"
bbcb_flop_orig sharrier "Strike Force Harrier"
bbcb_flop_orig tetrism "Tetris"
bbcb_flop_orig starseek "Star Seeker"
cpc_cass andycapp "Andy Capp (UK)"
cpc_cass tetriss "Tetris (Spa)"