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sms xenon2 "Xenon 2 - Megablast (Image Works) (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop xenon2b "Xenon 2 - Megablast (Euro, The Power Pack)"
amigaocs_flop xenon2a "Xenon 2 - Megablast (Euro, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop xenon2 "Xenon 2 - Megablast (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop tparkmys "Theme Park Mystery - Variations on a Theme (Euro)"
st_flop tparkmys "Theme Park Mystery - Variations on a Theme (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop kilcloudu "The Killing Cloud (USA)"
amigaocs_flop kilcloud "The Killing Cloud (Euro)"
st_flop kilcloud "The Killing Cloud (Euro)"
cpc_cass tmht2 "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 2 - Coin Up (UK)"
msx1_flop tmhta "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (UK, Hacked)"
msx1_flop tmht "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (UK, Cracked)"
cpc_cass tmht "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (UK)"
amigaocs_flop tmhtco "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Euro, The Coin-Op!)"
amigaocs_flop tmht "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Euro)"
specpls3_flop tmht3 "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (3")"
specpls3_flop tmht "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles"
amigaocs_flop speedbl2a "Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (Euro, v1.00, The Bitmap Brothers Volume 1)"
amigaocs_flop speedbl2 "Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe (Euro, v1.00)"
sms speedbl "Speedball (Image Works) (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop speedbl "Speedball (Euro, v1.10)"
amigaocs_flop skychasea "SkyChase (Euro, Supreme Challenge: Flight Command)"
amigaocs_flop skychase "SkyChase (Euro)"
cpc_cass robozone "Robozone (UK)"
amigaocs_flop robozone "Robozone (Euro)"
cpc_cass predatr2 "Predator 2 (UK)"
amigaocs_flop predatr2 "Predator 2 (Euro)"
specpls3_flop predatr2 "Predator 2"
amigaocs_flop phobia "Phobia (Euro)"
cpc_cass passshot "Passing Shot (UK)"
amigaocs_flop passsht "Passing Shot (Euro)"
msx1_cass passshot "Passing Shot (Euro)"
specpls3_flop passsht "Passing Shot"
amigaocs_flop omnicron "Omnicron Conspiracy (Euro, v1.0 19901019)"
amigaocs_flop megalog "Mega Lo Mania (Ger)"
amigaocs_flop megalof "Mega Lo Mania (Fra)"
amigaocs_flop megalo "Mega Lo Mania (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop intphase "Interphase (Euro)"
st_flop intphase "Interphase (Euro)"
st_flop gravity "Gravity (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop gravity "Gravity (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop flipmag "Flip-it & Magnose - Water Carriers from Mars (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop firstsam "First Samurai (Euro)"
cpc_cass fernandz "Fernandez Must Die (UK)"
cpc_cass fernandzs "Fernandez Must Die (Spa)"
amigaocs_flop fernandz "Fernandez Must Die (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop deviousd "Devious Designs (Euro)"
cpc_flop cischeat_t1 "Cisco Heat (UK, Trained by Genesis)"
cpc_flop cischeata "Cisco Heat (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop cischeatb "Cisco Heat (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop cischeat "Cisco Heat (UK)"
cpc_cass cischeat "Cisco Heat (UK)"
amigaocs_flop cischeat "Cisco Heat (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop cadavera "Cadaver (Euro, v1.03, The Bitmap Brothers Volume 1)"
amigaocs_flop cadaver "Cadaver (Euro, v0.01)"
amigaocs_flop bblaster "Brainblaster - Bombuzal + Xenon 2 (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop bombuzalc "Bombuzal (Euro, Coverdisk)"
amigaocs_flop bombuzal "Bombuzal (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop bloodwycdd "Bloodwych - The Extended Levels (Euro)"
cpc_flop bloodwyc_c1 "Bloodwych (UK, Cracked by CBS)"
cpc_flop bloodwyca "Bloodwych (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop bloodwych "Bloodwych (UK, Alt 8)"
cpc_flop bloodwycg "Bloodwych (UK, Alt 7)"
cpc_flop bloodwycf "Bloodwych (UK, Alt 6)"
cpc_flop bloodwyce "Bloodwych (UK, Alt 5)"
cpc_flop bloodwycd "Bloodwych (UK, Alt 4)"
cpc_flop bloodwycc "Bloodwych (UK, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop bloodwycb "Bloodwych (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_flop bloodwyc "Bloodwych (UK)"
cpc_cass bloodwyc "Bloodwych (UK)"
cpc_flop bloodwyci "Bloodwych (Fra?)"
amigaocs_flop bloodwycb "Bloodwych (Euro, The Power Pack)"
amigaocs_flop bloodwyca "Bloodwych (Euro, Alt)"
amigaocs_flop bloodwyc "Bloodwych (Euro)"
specpls3_flop bloodwyc "Bloodwych"
cpc_flop blstroid_t1 "Blasteroids (UK, Trained)"
cpc_flop blstroid_h1 "Blasteroids (UK, Hacked)"
cpc_flop blstroid_h2 "Blasteroids (UK, Hacked 2)"
cpc_flop blstroid_c1 "Blasteroids (UK, Cracked by McSpe)"
cpc_flop blstroid_c2 "Blasteroids (UK, Cracked by CNGSOFT)"
cpc_flop blstroida "Blasteroids (UK, Alt)"
cpc_flop blstroide "Blasteroids (UK, Alt 5)"
cpc_flop blstroidd "Blasteroids (UK, Alt 4)"
cpc_flop blstroidc "Blasteroids (UK, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop blstroidb "Blasteroids (UK, Alt 2)"
cpc_cass blstroid "Blasteroids (UK)"
cpc_flop blstroid "Blasteroids (UK)"
st_flop blstroid "Blasteroids (Euro)"
msx1_cass blstroid "Blasteroids (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop blstroid "Blasteroids (Euro)"
amigaocs_flop bladewar "Blade Warrior (Euro)"
cpc_flop backtof2s "Back to the FutureII (Spa)"
amigaocs_flop backtof3u "Back to the Future Part III (USA)"
amigaocs_flop backtof3 "Back to the Future Part III (Euro)"
megadriv backtof3 "Back to the Future Part III (Euro)"
sms backtof3 "Back to the Future Part III (Euro)"
cpc_flop backtof2b "Back to the Future Part II (UK, Alt 2)"
sms backtof2 "Back to the Future Part II (Euro, Bra)"
amigaocs_flop backtof2 "Back to the Future Part II (Euro)"
cpc_cass backtof3 "Back To The Future III (UK)"
cpc_flop backtof2d "Back to the Future II (UK, Alt Disk 3)"
cpc_flop backtof2c "Back to the Future II (UK, Alt 3)"
cpc_flop backtof2a "Back to the Future II (UK, 3 faces)"
cpc_flop backtof2 "Back to the Future II (UK)"
cpc_cass backtof2 "Back To The Future II (UK)"
cpc_flop backtof2_c1 "Back to the Future II (Disk 1, Cracked by Crackponx)"