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msx1_flop aackodp "Aacko Draw & Paint (Ned)"
msx1_cass ablaste "Alpha Blaster (Euro, Eaglesoft)"
msx1_cass ablastea "Alpha Blaster (Euro, Eaglesoft, Alt)"
msx1_cass bcquest2e "B.C.'s Quest for Tires II - Grog's Revenge (Euro, Eaglesoft)"
msx1_flop beachead "Beach-Head (Euro)"
msx1_cass breakin "Break In (Euro)"
msx1_cass breakina "Break In (Euro, Alt)"
msx2_cass chess2 "The Chess Game 2 (Euro)"
msx2_flop chessgm2 "The Chess Game 2 (Ned)"
msx2_flop chessgm2a "The Chess Game 2 (Ned, Alt)"
msx2_flop chessgm2b "The Chess Game 2 (Ned, Alt 2)"
msx2_flop chessgm2c "The Chess Game 2 (Ned, Alt 3)"
msx1_cass chopper "Chopper (Euro)"
msx2_flop chopper2 "Chopper II (Ned)"
msx2_flop chopper2a "Chopper II (Ned, Alt)"
msx1_cass choppera "Chopper (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass citycon "City Connection (Euro)"
msx1_flop confused "Confused? (Euro)"
msx1_cass confused "Confused? (Euro)"
msx1_cart confused "Confused? (Euro)"
msx1_cass confuseda "Confused? (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass crusader "Crusader (Euro)"
msx1_flop crusader "Crusader (Euro)"
msx1_cass crusadera "Crusader (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_flop dawnpatr "Dawn Patrol (Euro)"
msx1_cass dawnpatr "Dawn Patrol (Euro)"
msx1_cass dota "Bouken Roman - Dota (Euro)"
msx1_cass drome "Drome (Euro)"
msx1_cass dromea "Drome (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass dromeb "Drome (Euro, Alt 2)"
msx1_cass dromec "Drome (Euro, Alt 3)"
msx1_cass exerion "Exerion (Euro)"
msx1_cass exerion2 "Exerion II - Zorni (Euro)"
msx1_cass extermin "Exterminator (Euro)"
msx1_flop extermin "Exterminator (Euro)"
msx1_cass formatz "Formation Z (Euro)"
msx1_cart hopper "Hopper (Euro)"
msx1_cass hopper "Hopper (Euro)"
msx1_cass ice "Ice (Euro)"
msx1_flop inca "Inca I (Ned)"
msx1_cass inca "Inca (Euro)"
msx1_cass incaa "Inca (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass macattac "Mac Attack (Euro)"
msx1_cass macross "Macross Countdown (Euro)"
msx1_cass mazesunl "Mazes Unlimited (Euro)"
msx1_cass minemach "Miner Machine (Euro)"
msx1_cass minemacha "Miner Machine (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass minemachb "Miner Machine (Euro, Alt 2)"
msx1_cass moonridr "Moon Rider (Euro)"
msx1_cass ninjajaj "Ninja Jajamaru-kun (Euro)"
msx1_cass oilswell "Oil's Well (Euro)"
msx1_cass panelpan "Panel Panic (Euro)"
msx1_cass panelpana "Panel Panic (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass panique "Panique (Euro)"
msx1_flop picot "Come On! Picot (Euro)"
msx1_cass police "Police Academy (Euro)"
msx1_cass protectr "The Protector (Euro)"
msx1_cass protectra "The Protector (Euro, Alt)"
msx2_flop redlight "Red Lights of Amsterdam (Ned, Trained?)"
msx2_cass redlight "Red Lights of Amsterdam (Euro)"
msx2_flop redlighta "Red Lights of Amsterdam (Ned, Trained?, Alt)"
msx2_cass redlighta "Red Lights of Amsterdam (Euro, 2 Sides)"
msx1_cass robotwar "Robot Wars (Euro)"
msx1_flop robotwar "Robot Wars (Ned)"
msx1_flop roboy "Roboy (Ned)"
msx1_flop sailordl "Sailor's Delight (Ned, Cracked)"
msx1_cass sbusters "Space Busters (Euro, Eaglesoft)"
msx1_cass scentped "Scentipede (Euro)"
msx1_cass scifi "Science Fiction (Euro)"
msx1_cass skooter "Skooter (Euro)"
msx1_flop skooter "Skooter (Ned)"
msx1_cass skyvis "Sky Vision (Euro)"
msx1_cass smackwac "Smack Wacker (Euro)"
msx1_cass snakeit "Snake It (Euro)"
msx1_cart snakeit "Snake It (Euro)"
msx1_cass starfght "Star Fighter (Euro)"
msx1_cass starwars "Star Wars (Euro)"
msx1_cass starwarsa "Star Wars (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass thexder "Thexder (Euro)"
msx2_flop thunderb "Thunderbal (Ned)"
msx2_flop thunderba "Thunderbal (Ned, Alt)"
msx2_flop thunderbb "Thunderbal (Ned, Alt 2)"
msx1_cass toproll "Top Roller (Euro)"
msx1_cass wcsoccer "World Cup Soccer (Euro)"
msx1_cass wcsoccera "World Cup Soccer (Euro,Alt)"
msx1_cass zanac "Zanac (Ned)"