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gameboy poktpuyo
gamegear ggaleste
gamegear madouma
gamegear puyopuy2
gba gurulog
gbcolor puyopuyg
gbcolor poktpuyn
gbcolor poktpuys
gbcolor arle
megacdj dennin
megacdj shadowrn
megadriv madoumon
megadriv puyopuy2
megadriv puyopuy2a
msx1_cart guardica
msx1_cart guardic
msx1_cart golvell
msx2_cart aleste
msx2_flop drgnquiz
msx2_flop dssp5
msx2_flop dssp2
msx2_flop dsdx3
msx2_flop dsdx2
msx2_flop dsdx1
msx2_flop ds32
msx2_flop ds31
msx2_flop ds30
msx2_flop ds29
msx2_flop ds28
msx2_flop ds27
msx2_flop ds26
msx2_flop drgnquiza
msx2_flop gorbypip
msx2_flop sgolvell
msx2_flop runemst3b
msx2_flop runemst3a
msx2_flop runemst3
msx2_flop randar3b
msx2_flop randar3a
msx2_flop randar3
msx2_flop puyopuyob
msx2_flop puyopuyoa
msx2_flop puyopuyo
msx2_flop madou123a
msx2_flop madou123
msx2_flop warausm1
msx2_flop ds25
msx2_flop aleste2
msx2_flop ds09
msx2_flop ds08
msx2_flop ds07
msx2_flop ds06
msx2_flop ds05
msx2_flop ds04
msx2_flop ds03
msx2_flop ds02
msx2_flop ds01
msx2_flop ds00
msx2_flop aleste2b
msx2_flop aleste2a
msx2_flop ds10
msx2_flop ds11
msx2_flop ds24
msx2_flop ds23
msx2_flop ds22
msx2_flop ds21
msx2_flop ds20
msx2_flop ds19
msx2_flop ds18
msx2_flop ds17
msx2_flop ds16
msx2_flop ds15
msx2_flop ds14
msx2_flop ds13
msx2_flop ds12
n64 puyopsun
n64 puyopuy4
pc98 ds98_11a
pc98 ds98_05
pc98 ds98_03
pc98 puyopuyo
pc98 nazopuyo
pc98 madouars
pc98 madoum3
pc98 madoum2
pc98 madoum1
pc98 genkitan
pc98 warausm3
pc98 warausm2
pc98 warausm1
pc98 dstat_10
pc98 dstat_07a
pc98 puyopuyoa
pc98 puyopuyob
pc98 versus
pc98 ateam
pc98 transbor
pc98 runners
pc98 nazopds7
pc98 melpool
pc98 marvelp2
pc98 marvelp1
pc98 madoummi
pc98 maborosh
pc98 jumphero
pc98 geoconf2
pc98 geoconfl
pc98 broadway
pc98 wandafur
pc98 applesau
pc98 ds98_15
pc98 ds98_14
pc98 ds98_13
pc98 ds98_12
pc98 ds98_11
pc98 ds98_10
pc98 ds98_09
pc98 ds98_08
pc98 ds98_07
pc98 ds98_06
pc98 ds98_04
pc98 ds98_02
pc98 ds98_01
pc98 ds98_00
pc98 ds98_16
pc98 ds98_17
pc98 dstat_08
pc98 dstat_07
pc98 dstat_06
pc98 dstat_05
pc98 dstat_04
pc98 dstat_03
pc98 dstat_02
pc98 dstat_01
pc98 ds98_ex3
pc98 ds98_ex2
pc98 ds98_ex1
pc98 ds98_mc
pc98 ds98_20
pc98 ds98_19
pc98 ds98_18
pc98_cd puyopuy2
pc98_cd dstat_11
pc98_cd dstat_10
pc98_cd dstat_09
psx puyobox
psx puyopuy4
saturn wakupuyo
saturn madouma
saturn puyosuna
saturn puyopuy2b
saturn puyopuy2sa
saturn puyopuy2a
saturn puyosun
saturn puyopuy2
saturn madoum
sg1000 hustle
snes snazopu2
snes spuyop2
snes spuyop2r
stv puyosun