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cpc_cass classaxn
cpc_cass yewizard
cpc_cass starquak
cpc_cass skaterck
cpc_cass paladin
cpc_cass hustler
cpc_cass hirise
cpc_cass 5thquad
cpc_cass deathvil
cpc_cass classinv
cpc_flop 5thquadrd
cpc_flop 5thquadrc
cpc_flop 5thquadrb
cpc_flop 5thquadra
cpc_flop 5thquadr
msx1_cass boardell
msx1_cass boardella
msx1_cass hustler
msx1_cass starquak
msx1_cass starquaka
msx1_cass wizlair
msx1_cass wizlaira