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msx1_cass aackobs2 "Aackobase II (Euro)"
msx1_cass aackobs2a "Aackobase II (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass aackodrw "Aackodraw & Paint (Euro)"
msx1_cass ablast "Alpha Blaster (Euro, Aackosoft)"
msx1_cass ablast1 "Alpha Blaster (Euro, Aackosoft, 1st Edition)"
msx1_cass ablasta "Alpha Blaster (Euro, Aackosoft, Alt)"
msx1_cass booma "Boom (Euro, Aackosoft)"
msx1_cass bytebust "Bytebusters (Euro)"
msx1_cass chuckieack "Chuckie Egg (Euro, Aackosoft)"
msx1_cass elidon "Elidon (Euro)"
msx1_cass elidona "Elidon (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass elidonb "Elidon (Euro, Alt 2)"
msx1_cass fdeck2 "Flight Deck II (Euro)"
msx1_cass finpack "Fin Pack (Euro)"
msx1_cass finpacka "Fin Pack (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_flop flightdk "Flight Deck (Ned)"
msx1_cass headali "Head Alignment Kit (Euro)"
msx1_cass headalia "Head Alignment Kit (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass heist "The Heist (Euro)"
msx1_cass jetbomb "Jet Bomber (Euro)"
msx1_cass jetbomba "Jet Bomber (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass jetfaack "Jet Fighter (Euro, Aackosoft)"
msx1_cass mastvoic "Master Voice (Euro)"
msx1_cass mathsinv "Maths Invaders (Euro)"
msx1_cass mathsinva "Maths Invaders (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass nseaheli "North Sea Helicopter (Euro)"
msx1_flop nsheli "North Sea Helicopter (Ned)"
msx1_cass ohshit "Oh Shit! (Euro)"
msx1_cass ohshita "Oh Shit! (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass psyched "Psychedelia (Euro)"
msx1_cass sbustera "Space Busters (Euro, Aackosoft)"
msx1_flop scentipd "Scentipede (Ned)"
msx1_cass skramble "Skramble (Euro)"
msx1_cass spystory "Spy Story (Euro)"
msx1_cass spystorya "Spy Story (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_flop spyvssp2 "Spy vs Spy II - The Island Caper (Ned)"
msx1_flop timecurb "Time Curb (Ned)"
msx1_cass timecurb "Time Curb (Euro)"
msx1_cass timecurba "Time Curb (Euro, Alt)"
msx1_cass ultchess "Ultra Chess (Euro)"
msx1_cass ultchessa "Ultra Chess (Euro, Alt)"