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backgamm "Backgammon"
chess "Chess"
cookie "Cookie"
gyruss "Gyruss (Prototype)"
horace "Hungry Horace"
horacesp "Horace & the Spiders"
jedi "Return Of The Jedi - Death Star Battle (Prototype)"
jetpac "Jet Pac"
locomotn "Loco Motion (Prototype)"
montezum "Montezuma's Revenge (Prototype)"
montezum1 "Montezuma's Revenge (Prototype, Alt)"
planet "Planetoids"
popeye "Popeye (Prototype)"
pssst "Pssst"
qbert "Q*Bert (Prototype)"
spacerai "Space Raiders"
starwars "Star Wars (Prototype)"
starwars1 "Star Wars (Prototype, Alt)"
tranzam "Tranz Am"
zxtest "ZX Spectrum Test Cartridge"