Time Crisis II (Japan, TSS1 Ver. B)

Immagine gioco: Time Crisis II (Japan, TSS1 Ver. B)
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Nome romset: timecrs2v1b.zip
Anno di produzione: 1997
Produttore: Namco

Genere del gioco: Sparatutto
Categoria: Sparatutto / Pistola

Questa macchina è il clone di:
 • Time Crisis II (US, TSS3 Ver. B)

Questa macchina NON funziona in MAME Questa macchina funziona correttamente in MAME

Emulazione generale: Preliminare
Emulazione colore: Buono
Emulazione sonoro: Buono
Emulazione grafica: Imperfetto
Salvataggio: Non supportato
Emulazione protezione: Preliminare

In MAME dalla versione: .180

Il driver di questa macchina in MAME è: namcos23.cpp - Leggi il codice

 Dati tecnici 
 Hardware di questa macchina:
  • CHIP [Mostra dettagli]

    IDT R4650 (big) ("maincpu")cpu 135475200 Hz
    H8/3002 ("subcpu")cpu 16934400 Hz
    H8/3334 ("iocpu")cpu 14745600 Hz
    Speaker ("lspeaker")audio
    Speaker ("rspeaker")audio
    C352 ("c352")audio 25401600 Hz

  • Schermi [Mostra dettagli]

    Questa macchina utilizza un solo schermo:
      Tipo di grafica: Raster
      Orientamento schermo: Orizzontale
      Risoluzione 640 x 480 @ 59.882400 Hz

  • Numero di giocatori: 1P
  • Controlli [Mostra dettagli]

      Pistola ottica
    Numero di pulsanti: 2

  • Dipswitch [Mostra dettagli]

    In grassetto i valori predefiniti
    Service ModeOff
    Skip POSTOff

  • ROM (20 del set parent, 2 del set clone) [Mostra dettagli]

    Riferito alla versione MAME: 0.181

    NomeDimensioniCRC32SHA1StatoNel romset
    tss1verb.2209715210ebcb71 9aeb9bf70f8a5949927ed84490b9212b19fe57ab good timecrs2v1b
    tss1verb.120971524f9a38ef 7e38dae63b68f7ab43355b22247938d6e8f43dee good timecrs2v1b
    tss1vera.352428841e41994 eabc1a307c329070bfc6486cb68169c94ff8a162 good timecrs2
    tssioprog.ic3262144edad4538 1330189184a636328d956c0e435f8d9ad2e96a80 good timecrs2
    tss1mtah.2j8388608697c26ed 72f6f69e89496ba0c6183b35c3bde71f5a3c721f good timecrs2
    tss1mtal.2h8388608bfc79190 04bda00c4cc5660d27af4f3b0ee3550dea8d3805 good timecrs2
    tss1mtbh.2m838860882582776 7c790d09bac660ea1c62da3ffb21ab43f2461594 good timecrs2
    tss1mtbl.2f8388608e648bea4 3803d03e72b25fbcc124d5b25066d25629b76b94 good timecrs2
    tss1cgll.4m838860818433aaa 08539beb2e66ec4e41062621fc098b121c669546 good timecrs2
    tss1cglm.4k8388608669974c2 cfebe199631e38f547b38fcd35f1645b74e8dd0a good timecrs2
    tss1cgum.4j8388608c22739e1 8671ee047bb248033656c50befd1c35e5e478e1a good timecrs2
    tss1cguu.4f838860876924e04 751065d6ce658cbbcd88f854f6937ebd2204ec68 good timecrs2
    tss1ccrl.7f41943043a325fe7 882735dce7aeb36f9e88a983498360f5de901e9d good timecrs2
    tss1ccrh.7e2097152f998de1a 371f540f505608297c5ffcfb623b983ca8310afb good timecrs2
    tss1pt0h.7a4194304cdbe0ba8 f8c6da31654c0a2a8024888ffb7fc1c783b2d629 good timecrs2
    tss1pt0l.7c4194304896f0fb4 bdfa99eb21ce4fc8021f9d95a5558a34f9942c57 good timecrs2
    tss1pt1h.5a419430463647596 833412be8f61686bd7e06c2738df740e0e585d0f good timecrs2
    tss1pt1l.5c41943045a09921f c23885708c7adf0b81c2c9346e21b869634a5b35 good timecrs2
    tss1pt2h.4a41943049b06e22d cff5ed098112a4f0a2bc8937e226f50066e605b1 good timecrs2
    tss1pt2l.4c41943044b230d79 794cee0a19993e90913f58507c53224f361e9663 good timecrs2
    tss1wavel.2c8388608deaead26 72dac0c3f41d4c3c290f9eb1b50236ae3040a472 good timecrs2
    tss1waveh.2a83886085c8758b4 b85c8f6869900224ef83a2340b17f5bbb2801af9 good timecrs2

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    :  Macchina Clone
    :  BIOS
    :  Device

Attenzione: I dati di history.dat potrebbero essere diversi da quelli riportati nel resto della scheda (tratti da MAME), in quanto provenienti da fonti diverse.

Informazioni su timecrs2

0.93u1 [Guru]


- Video (gurudumps): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMbsiPRGY-w


- MAME debugger MIPS3 cpu trace fails. hap (ID 05051)


- 0.149: Renamed (timecrs2b) to (timecrs2v2b) and (timecrs2c) to (timecrs2v4a).

- 0.148: Added 2nd Player.

- 0.147u2: hap improved gun accuracy. Removed old hack in Time Crisis II, doesn't look like it's needed [hap].

- 0.143u7: hap added gun input to Time Crisis 2. Changed parent and clone descriptions to 'Time Crisis II'. Added Light gun.

- 0.137u4: O. Galibert varied Namco System 23 stuff, isolate PIO, PCB test works on Time Crisis 2 (TSS4 Ver. A).

- 0.137u1: Fixed rom loading.

- 22nd March 2010: R. Belmont - Olivier Galibert's been playing around with data from Time Crisis 2 in a standalone OpenGL viewer, and I think he's got the general sense of the data formats. This isn't in MAME yet, but it definitely opens the way for MAME to have 3D in these games.

- 0.136u4: Guru added clone Time Crisis 2 (TSS4 Ver. A). Changed IDT R4650 (big) CPU1 clock speed to 133328920 Hz, visible area to 640x480 and VSync to 59.8824 Hz.

- 22nd February 2010: R. Belmont - Guru dumped an alternate version of Time Crisis 2 with an interesting twist: The game normally runs on plain System 23, but this version runs on Super System 23. Olivier Galibert's doing some investigative forensics to work out exactly what the differences are (games from one will run on the other without 3D, so it's not just the CPU speeds). In the meantime I've beefed up the driver a bit. The System 22.5 ("Gorgon") games now have 2D video hooked up, and both the 22.5 and System 23 games now have emulated JVS I/O boards that they properly communicate with (had to fix a bad H8/xxxx CPU core bug to get that going). In the case of Final Furlong, that was sufficient to convince it to go farther...

- 0.133u1: Renamed (timcrs2b) to (timecrs2b).

- 0.131u3: R. Belmont added changes and documentation on how the I/O board is hooked up. The H8/3334 based TSS-I/O board sometimes handshakes successfully in Time Crisis 2 now but timing-related problems remain.

- 0.128u4: Added H8/3334 (14745600 Hz) CPU3 and rom IC3 (256k) from I/O board (HD643334 H8/3334 MCU code).

- 0.127u5: Guru added clone Time Crisis 2 (TSS2 Ver. B). Changed parent description to 'Time Crisis 2 (TSS3 Ver. B)'.

- 8th September 2008: Guru - I've been doing some repairs for a local friend and he gave me to fix 3x Time Crisis II boards and an unknown Triforce board. After battling with tons of wires, custom connectors and I/O boards for several hours, I got the TC2 boards running enough to see the faults. I fixed them pretty quickly since they have many common issues. More interestingly, they were all the same software revision but not dumped!! So after taking some videos of the bootup sequence and attract mode to help with the emulation, guess what I did... Great game.... fortunately I don't have any guns to hook-up or my friend might have had a hard time trying to get them back.

- 0.104u4: Replaced R4600 (big) CPU1 with IDT R4650 (big) (166MHz). Added H8/3002 (14745600 Hz) and C352 (14745600 Hz) stereo sound.

- 0.104u2: Changed visible area to 1024x480.

- 0.93u1: Added Time Crisis 2 (Namco 1997). Skeleton rom loader, does nothing.

- 22nd February 2005: Guru - Time Crisis 2 (Namco System 23) just arrived.

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Romset: 117504 kb / 22 files / 35.5 zip

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