sblast2b Sonic Blast Man 2 Special Turbo (SNES bootleg)

Immagine gioco: Sonic Blast Man 2 Special Turbo (SNES bootleg)
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Nome romset:
Anno di produzione: 1997
Produttore: bootleg

Genere del gioco: Picchiaduro
Categoria: Picchiaduro / 2.5D

Questa macchina funziona in MAME con problemi Questa macchina funziona in MAME con problemi

Emulazione generale: Buono
Emulazione colore: Buono
Emulazione sonoro: Imperfetto
Emulazione grafica: Imperfetto
Salvataggio: Non supportato

In MAME dalla versione: .126u5

Il driver di questa macchina in MAME è: snesb.cpp - Leggi il codice

 Dati tecnici 
 Hardware di questa macchina:
  • CHIP [Mostra dettagli]

    5A22 ("maincpu")cpu 21480000 Hz
    SPC700 ("soundcpu")cpu 1024000 Hz
    Speaker ("lspeaker")audio
    Speaker ("rspeaker")audio
    SNES Custom DSP (SPC700) ("spc700")audio

  • Schermi [Mostra dettagli]

    Questa macchina utilizza un solo schermo:
      Tipo di grafica: Raster
      Orientamento schermo: Orizzontale
      Risoluzione 256 x 225 @ 60.098476 Hz

  • Numero di giocatori: 2P Simultanei
  • Controlli [Mostra dettagli]

      Joystick [8 direzioni]
      Joystick [8 direzioni]
    Numero di pulsanti: 6

  • Dipswitch [Mostra dettagli]

    In grassetto i valori predefiniti
    Coinage4 Coins/1 Credit
     3 Coins/1 Credit
     2 Coins/1 Credit
     1 Coin/1 Credit
     1 Coin/2 Credits
     1 Coin/3 Credits
     1 Coin/4 Credits
    Difficulty0 (Easiest)
     7 (Hardest)

  • ROM (4 della macchina) [Mostra dettagli]

    Riferito alla versione MAME: 0.181

    NomeDimensioniCRC32SHA1StatoNel romset
    spc700.rom6444bb3a40 97e352553e94242ae823547cd853eecda55c20f0 good sblast2b
    1.bin524288bea10c40 d9cc65267b9b57145d714f2c17b436c1fb21513f good sblast2b
    2.bin52428857d2b6e9 1a7b347101f67b254e2f86294d501b0669431644 good sblast2b
    3.bin5242889e63a5ce 1d18606fbb28b55a921fc37e1af1aff4caae9003 good sblast2b

    :  Macchina Parent
    :  Macchina Clone
    :  BIOS
    :  Device


Sonic Blast Man II - Special Turbo (c) 1997 Akira Corp.


Produttore: Tomohiro Nishikado (T. Nishikado)

Concetto: N. Kuroki

Direttore: Y. Kanno, R. Ito

Aiuto direttore: M. Uehara

Sviluppo personaggi: M. Ueara, M. Saito, K. Ohhara, H. Sukegawa

Sviluppo grafica: M. Uchisumi, S. Tachihara, Junichi Ohno (J. Ohno), K. Fujii

Suoni: K. Watanabe, N. Yagishita

Programmatore: T. Kuniyoshi, H. Kusano

Sviluppo: T. Sakai

Ringraziamenti speciali: Y. Satoh, T. Kawaishi, M. Sonoda, Y. Koga, Y. Tanaka, T. Shiokawa, N. Ichinohe, Y. Takasu, K. Yoshioka


Game's ROM

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Informazioni su sblast2b

0.126u5 [Corrado Tomaselli]


- 0.145u7: Added dipswitches 'Coinage', 'Difficulty', 'Lives', 'Power' and 4x 'Unused'.

- 0.129u4: Changed Custom sound to SNES Custom.

- 0.127u7: Andreas Naive and Tomasz Slanina fixed Sonic Blast Man 2 Special Turbo (SNES bootleg) - Game now playable. Added rom decryption. Patched protection checks. Mapped extra inputs. Changed description to 'Sonic Blast Man 2 Special Turbo (SNES bootleg)'. Added 8x 'Unknown' dipswitches.

- 9th October 2008: Tomasz Slanina - I have finally figured out what was wrong with the gfx emulation in Sonic Blast Man 2 - OAM address wasn't correctly restored. R. Belmont pointed me to some interesting hardware docs with explanation of this behaviour. It was already implemented in the snes driver, but with major flaw. In fact - instead saved OAM address - the current one was restored (so ... there was no difference between old and new). After fixing the bug, game is fully playable.

- 27th September 2008: Tomasz Slanina - Few words about an arcade bootleg game called 'Sonic Blast Man 2 Special Turbo'. The game is a slighty modified copy of Taito's 'Sonic Blast Man 2'. It runs on hardware (custom chinese, not the NSS) "borrowed" from Super Nintendo Home console. Just few EProms, RAMs, three custom QFP chips (there's also another, older version of the hw, with 6 of them) and Lattice PLD - to handle the most annoying part, protection. So... What's the point to encrypt/protect pirate game? To hide the 'real' (in fact - stolen ) game code and data? Or maybe to annoy other bootlegers? No idea. Kold666 already dumped the ROMs while ago. Unfortunately the PCB is no longer available for additional testing or analysis. The data encryption is not as simple as in other arcade SNES hacks (Killer Instinct, Final Fight 2). But with great help from Andreas Naive it's finally broken. Also the in-game protection checks are now gone (took me a couple of hours to find what's going on and crack them). Ok. So... how the protection works? 1. Encryption: Four hardcoded lookup tables (16,16,64 and 48 bytes) are used to get the real data. Plus some extra bitswaps and bit negations at the end - or more fun. 2. Boot code relocation: Original boot code (at $8000) is erased. There's also *special* message. New boot code (and the custom coinage / game control stuff) is placed around $7xxx and must be visible there in memory map. In Genuine SNES console this area is marked as 'reserved', and afaik - not accessible. Also - like in the other arcade SNES bootlegs - ROM header contains fake boot vector. 3. Read-and-compare checks: Few (seven iirc) data test in $6xxxxxx area (red mark = jmp executed when protection check fails). 4. Read-read-compare check: Just opposite to the above - two consecutive reads (almost , with 3 nop-s between) from the same address (in $7xxxxx range) must give different results. Otherwise - boom! 5. Few more mods - special data (including JAMMA coin inputs and DSW) reads in $7xxxxx area and usual game modifications (removed copyrights, etc). Here are few screens from the MAME. Glitchy gfx ( mostly sprites) is caused by bad emulation of the SNES hardware in MAME - the original SNES version of Sonic Blast Man 2 looks almost identical in MESS (has the same gfx problems).

- 0.126u5: Corrado Tomaselli added 'Sonic Blast Man TURBO 2 (SNES bootleg)' (bootleg 199?).

- 17th June 2008: Corrado Tomaselli dumped Sonic Blast Man TURBO 2 (SNES bootleg).

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