Rim Rockin' Basketball (V2.0)

Immagine gioco: Rim Rockin' Basketball (V2.0)
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Romset name: rimrockn20.zip
Production year: 1991
Manufacturer: Strata/Incredible Technologies

Game genre: Sports
Category: Sports / Basketball

This machine is a clone of:
 • Rim Rockin' Basketball (V2.2)

This machine works in MAME This machine works in MAME

Overall emulation: Good
Color emulation: Good
Sound emulation: Good
Graphics emulation: Good
Save states: Not supported

In MAME since version: .037b10

The MAME driver of this machine is: itech8.cpp - Read the code

 Tech info 
 Hardware of this machine:
  • CHIPs [Show details]

    HD6309 ("maincpu")cpu 12000000 Hz
    M6809 ("soundcpu")cpu 2000000 Hz
    Speaker ("mono")audio
    YM3812 ("ymsnd")audio 4000000 Hz
    OKI6295 ("oki")audio 1000000 Hz

  • Screens [Show details]

    This machine uses a single screen:
      Graphic type: Raster
      Screen orientation: Horizontal
      Resolution 352 x 240 @ 60.000000 Hz

  • Number of players: 4P Simultaneous
  • Controllers [Show details]

      Joystick [8 ways]
      Joystick [8 ways]
      Joystick [8 ways]
      Joystick [8 ways]
    Number of buttons: 2

  • Dip-switches [Show details]

    Default settings in bold
    Cabinet1 player
     2 players
     3 players
     4 players
    Coin SlotsCommon
    Video SyncPositive

  • ROMs (6 of the parent set, 1 of the clone set) [Show details]

    Referred to MAME version: 0.181

    NameSizeCRC32SHA1StatusIn romset
    rrb.bin_2.0.u51310727e9d5545 2aa028b3f5d05bec4ee289e7d39eaad30b3d4d5f good rimrockn20
    rrbsndv11.u273276859f87f0e 46f38aca35a7c2faee227b4c950d20a6076c6fa7 good rimrockn
    rbb-grom002621443eacbad9 bff1ec6a24ccf983434e4e9453c30f36fa397534 good rimrockn
    rbb-grom01262144864cc269 06f92889cd20881faeb59ec06ca1578ead2294f4 good rimrockn
    rbb-grom02-226214447904233 6a4d10e8f7b75582f706a74b37d59788613ffc61 good rimrockn
    rbb-grom03-2262144f005f118 aa39f12d07827e21eceb286557e37973e519b433 good rimrockn
    rbb-srom02621447ad42be0 c9b519bad3c5c9a3315d1bf3292cc30ee0771db7 good rimrockn

    :  PARENT Machine
    :  CLONE Machine
    :  BIOS
    :  Device


Rim Rockin' Basketball (c) 1991 Strata.

The West meets the East in a fantastic basketball game.


Main CPU : M6809 (@ 3 Mhz), M6809 (@ 2 Mhz)

Sound Chips : OKI6295 (@ 7.812 Khz), YM3812 (@ 4 Mhz)

Screen orientation : Horizontal

Video resolution : 352 x 240 pixels

Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz

Palette Colors : 256

Players : 4

Control : 8-way joystick

Buttons : 2


Developed by Incredible Technologies, Inc.

Released in September 1991.


Revision 1 :

* Software version : 1.2.

Revision 2 :

* Software version : 1.6.

* Added 'Credits Per Door Setting' option in the operator menu.

Revision 3 :

* Software version : 2.0.

* Added 'Coins Needed For Start & Buy-In Adj.' option in the operator menu.

Revision 4 :

* Software version : 2.2.


Game's rom.

Machine's picture.

Warning: information in history.dat can differ from the ones present in the rest of the page (taken from MAME) as they come from a different source

Information on rimrockn

0.37b10 [Aaron Giles]


- 0.143: Fixed rom names.

- 0.133u1: Renamed (rimrck20) to (rimrockn20), (rimrck16) to (rimrockn16) and (rimrck12) to (rimrockn12).

- 0.126u4: Tim Lindner fixed Rim Rockin' Basketball to use the HD6309 core. Replaced M6809 CPU1 with HD6309 (12 MHz).

- 0.95u2: Aaron Giles fixed lack of announcer voices and P3/P4 controls in Rim Rockin' Basketball.

- 0.84: Aaron Giles fixed multiplay in Rim Rockin' Basketbal. Brian Troha improved dipswitches in Rim Rockin' Basketball. Added dipswitches 'Video Sync', 'Coin Slots' and 'Cabinet'.

- 0.37b15: Added clone Rim Rockin' Basketball (V1.6). Changed visible area to 352x240.

- 0.37b14: Added clone Rim Rockin' Basketball (V1.2). Renamed (rimrocka) to (rimrck20).

- 29th March 2001: Aaron Giles added another Rim Rockin' Basketball ROM set to the itech8 driver.

- 0.37b11: Changed OKI6295 clock speed to 7812 Hz.

- 0.37b10: Aaron Giles added Rim Rockin' Basketball (V2.2) (Strata/Incredible Technologies 1991) and clone (V2.0). Rim Rockin' Basketball should use an HD6309, but that core is broken, so we're using the 6809 for now.

- 4th December 2000: Aaron Giles fixed a NVRAM bug in Rim Rockin' Basketball.

- 2nd December 2000: Aaron Giles sent in the first version of his Strata / Incredible Technologies driver with support for Wheel of Fortune, Golden Tee Golf, Golden Tee Golf II, Peggle, Hot Shots Tennis, Rim Rockin' Basketball and Ninja Clowns.

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