pbst30 Pit Boss Supertouch 30 (9234-10-01)

Immagine gioco: Pit Boss Supertouch 30 (9234-10-01)
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Nome romset: pbst30.zip
Anno di produzione: 1994
Produttore: Merit

Genere del gioco: Multigenere
Categoria: Multigenere / Compilation

Questo gioco ha i seguenti cloni:
 • Pit Boss Supertouch 30 (9234-00-01)

Questo gioco funziona in MAME con problemi Questo gioco funziona in MAME con problemi

Stato dell'emulazione: Buono
Emulazione colore: Buono
Emulazione sonoro: Buono
Emulazione grafica: Imperfetto
Salvataggio: Non supportato

In MAME dalla versione: .131u1

Il driver di questo gioco in MAME è: meritm.c - Leggi il codice

 Dati tecnici  
Numero di giocatori: 2P Alternati
Controllato con:
  Pistola ottica
Numero di pulsanti: 1

Questo gioco utilizza un solo schermo:
  Tipo di grafica: Raster
  Orientamento schermo: Orizzontale
  Risoluzione del gioco 544 x 480 @ 60.000000 Hz

La scheda di questo gioco usa 3 CHIP
Z80cpu3579545 Hz
AY-3-8910Aaudio1789772 Hz

 Dati Scheda 
Il ROMset di questo gioco si compone di 11 ROM
Riferito alla versione MAME: 0.161

NomeDimensioniCRC32SHA1FunzionamentoNel romset
9234-10-01_u9-r06553696f39c9a df698e94a5204cf050ceadc5c257ca5f68171114 good pbst30
9234-00-01_u10-r065536853a1a99 45e33442aa7e51c05c9ac8b8458937ee3ff4c21d good pbst30
9234-10-01_u11-r065536835fa041 2ae754c5fcf50548eb214902409217d1643c6eaa good pbst30
9234-00-01_u12-r065536b9fb4203 84b514d9739d9c2ab1081cfc7cdedb41155ee038 good pbst30
9234-00-01_u13-r065536574fb3c7 213741df3055b97ddd9889c2aa3d3e863e2c86d3 good pbst30
9234-10-01_u14-r0655369b0873a4 7362c6220aa4bf1a9ab7c11cb8a51587a2a0a992 good pbst30
9234-10-01_u15-r0655369fbd8582 c0f68c8a7cdca34c8736cefc71767c421bcaba8a good pbst30
9234-10_u1-r01_c1994_mii341c782f78 8255afcffbe21a43f53cfb41867552681403ea47 baddump pbst30
qs9234-01_u7-r0262144c0534aaa 4b3cbf03f29fd5b4b8fd423e73c0c8147692fa75 good pbst30
qs9234-01_u6-r0262144fe2cd934 623011dc53ed6eefefa0725dba6fd1efee2077c1 good pbst30
qs9234-01_u5-r0262144293fe305 8a551ae8fb4fa4bf329128be1bfd6f1c3ff5a366 good pbst30

:  Gioco Parent
:  Gioco Clone

Le dimensioni del file pbst30.zip sono 612.54 Kbytes (compresso)

La scheda di questo gioco ha 8 opzioni configurabili via dipswitch

In grassetto i valori predefiniti

Touchscreen Type13 Inch
 19 Inch (Inverts Screen Coordinates)
Enable Casino GamesNo
Sex Trivia & Sex PhrasesOff
Coin LimitNo Coin Limit
 2 Coin Limit
Coinage2 Coins/1 Credit
 1 Coin/1 Credit
Balls (Pit Pong) / Paddles (Breakin' Bricks)11 Balls / 5 Paddles
 7 Balls / 3 Paddles
Sync Adjustment (Set by factory)Off
Sync Adjustment (Set by factory)Off


Pit Boss Supertouch 30 (c) 1994 Merit Industries, Inc.


Game's ROM.

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Chiudi Lista

Attenzione: I dati di history.dat potrebbero essere diversi da quelli riportati nel resto della scheda (tratti da MAME), in quanto provenienti da fonti diverse.

Informazioni su pbst30

0.131u1 [Mariusz Wojcieszek]


- 0.149u1: Brian Troha corrected dipswitch settings for Pit Boss Supertouch 30. Added dipswitches 'Coin Limit', 'Balls (Pit Pong) / Paddles (Breakin' Bricks)' and 2x 'Sync Adjustment (Set by factory)'.

- 0.140u2: Mariusz Wojcieszek fixed 'Pit Boss Supertouch 30', which doesn't boot.

- 0.139u3: Changed region user1 to extra.

- 0.133u4: Brian Troha changed description to 'Pit Boss Supertouch 30 (9234-10-01)'. Changed 'Pit Boss Supertouch 30 (set 2)' from a parent set to clone 'Pit Boss Supertouch 30 (9234-00-01)'. Added program versions to the name, IE: Pit Boss Supertouch 30 (9234-10-01). And added missing rom to 'Pit Boss Supertouch 30', verified old bad_dumps and fixed rom names. Added dipswitches 'Invert Touch Screen Coordinates', 'Sexy Trivia Catagory' and 'Coinage'.

- 0.131u1: Mariusz Wojcieszek added 'Pit Boss Supertouch 30' (Merit 1994) and 'Pit Boss Supertouch 30 (set 2)' (Merit 1993).

Informazioni su meritm.c (Driver MAME)

0.123u5 [Mariusz Wojcieszek]

0.111u2 [David Haywood]


- Hardware: Merit CRT250 and CRT260 hardware


- Offset for top V9938 layer is hardcoded, probably should be taken from V9938 setup.

- Blinking on Megatouch title screen is probably incorrect.

- Clean up V9938 interrupt implementation.

- Finish inputs, dsw, outputs (lamps).

- Problem with registering touches on the bottom of the screen (currently hacked to work).

- megat5a: has jmp $0000 in the initialization code causing infinite loop, rom U38 is dumped at half size / bad dump.

- For pbst30 only roms were found, it appears that two roms with graphics data were missing, using pitbossm roms for now.


- Problem with registering touches on the bottom of the screen. Source (ID 02332)

- megat3, megat4, megat5, megat6: Blinking on Meagtouch title screen is probably incorrect. Source (ID 02331)

- megat5a, magat5, megat5nj, mega6, megat3a, megat3, megat3ca, megat3nj, megat3te, megat4a, megat4, megat4te, megat4sn, megat4st: "Run21" game is missing graphics for black-suited cards. RubberBekki (ID 03719)


- 0.149u1: Gave each Pit Boss series it's own dipswitches. Filled in what could be determined through game play. Added optional button for some games to Clear High Score or Calibrate Touchscreen. Added documentation about custom (regional) versions of Superstar / Supertouch 30 sets. Changed all Pit Boss series games to use the ZXCVB key layout with N for "play" and M for "raise". Maintain a standard key layout using standard MAME macros [Brian Troha]. Use poker/gambling macros instead of assigning custom keycode [hap]. Changed Z80 CPU1 clock speed to 3579545 Hz and AY-3-8910A to 1789772 Hz.

- 0.149: Converted machine\microtch.c to devcb2. Converted MeritM driver to use NS16550 and not PC16552d [Carl].

- 0.148: Minor doc update/correction [Brian Troha].

- 0.147u3: Wilbert Pol removed the V9938 "ignore-sprite-limit" hack entirely.

- 0.147: Various rom name corrections and additional minor documentation in MeritM driver. Added PCB layout and pinout for the Merit CRT-250 PCB [Brian Troha].

- 0.146: Updated MeritM driver to use modern I8255 implementation instead of the legacy one [Fabio Priuli].

- 0.145u2: Rewrite INS8250 to use diserial, updated Microtouch to modern, made it serial device and updated connected drivers [Carl].

- 0.136u4: Complete rewrite of the Z80-PIO implementation. The handshaking signals are now more accurately emulated. As a result, the Merit Megatouch games are no longer working since they relied on the earlier incorrect behavior [Curt Coder]. Update: Curt Coder added scanline timer-based vblank interrupt to work around the broken V9938 interrupts. Megatouch games are now working again.

- 0.124u5: Merit driver updates [Brian Troha, Tafoid]: Consolidated, corrected and updated info. Verified Megatouch IV program rom. Corrected many rom names. Added game revision to game name (IE: 9255-40-01 ROE). Added PALs from Megatouch 6 to other sets as they all run on the same PCB. Added the sound clock update from Tafoid.

- 0.124u4: Mariusz Wojcieszek moved Microtouch touch screen controller emulation to separate module (machine\microtch.c).

- 0.123u6: Zsolt Vasvari fixed access violation for all games.

- 0.123u5: Mariusz Wojcieszek cleand up the Merit MSX Video based games driver.

- 0.111u5: Nathan Woods updated the Yamaha V9938 MSX2 video driver to use the new BITMAP_ADDR* macros instead of using the line[] array.

- 0.111u2: Added meritm.c driver.

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