OutRun 2 (Rev A) (GDX-0004A)

Immagine gioco: OutRun 2 (Rev A) (GDX-0004A)
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Romset name: outr2.zip
Production year: 2003
Manufacturer: Sega

Game genre: Driving
Category: Driving / Race (chase view)

This machine needs a BIOS file:
 • Chihiro Bios (chihiro.zip)

This machine is NOT working in MAME This machine works in MAME

Overall emulation: Preliminary
Color emulation: Good
Sound emulation: Preliminary
Graphics emulation: Good
Save states: Supported

In MAME since version: .138u3

The MAME driver of this machine is: chihiro.cpp - Read the code

 Tech info 
 Hardware of this machine:
  • CHIPs [Show details]

    Pentium III ("maincpu")cpu 733333333 Hz

  • Screens [Show details]

    This machine uses a single screen:
      Graphic type: Raster
      Screen orientation: Horizontal
      Resolution 640 x 480 @ 60.000000 Hz

  • Number of players: 1P
  • Controllers [Show details]

      Joystick [8 ways]
      Joystick [8 ways]
    Number of buttons: 6

  • BIOS Options [Show details]

    Default settings in bold
    bios0 Chihiro Bios

  • ROMs (1 of the machine set, 6 of the BIOS set, 19 of various devices) [Show details]

    Referred to MAME version: 0.181

    NameSizeCRC32SHA1StatusIn romset
    chihiro_xbox_bios.bin52428866232714 b700b0041af8f84835e45d1d1250247bf7077188 good chihiro
    fpr21042_m29w160et.bin2097152a4fcab0b a13cf9c5cdfe8605d82150b7573652f419b30197 good chihiro
    ic10_g24lc64.bin8192cfc5e06f 3ababd4334d8d57abb22dd98bd2d347df39648d9 good chihiro
    ic11_24lc024.bin1288dc8374e cc03a0650bfac4bf6cb66e414bbef121cba53efe good chihiro
    pc20_g24lc64.bin81927742ab62 82dad6e2a75bab4a4840dc6939462f1fb9b95101 good chihiro
    ver1305.bin2097152a738ea1c 45d94d0c39be1cb3db9fab6610a88a550adda4e9 good chihiro
    317-0372-com.data80a15c9666 fd36c524744acb33e579ccb257c71375a5d3af67 good outr2
    sp5001.bin327682f17e21a ac227ef3ca52ef17321bd60e435dba147645d8b8 good jvs13551
    sp5001-b.bin32768121693cd c9834aca671aff5e283ac708788c2a0f4a5bdecc good jvs13551
    sp5002-a.bin32768a088df8c 8237e9b18b8367d3f5b99b8f29c528a55c2e0fbf good jvs13551
    315-6215.bin32768d7c97e40 b1ae8db332f869c4fdbbae15967baeca0bc7f57d good jvs13551
    315-6301.ic11130817  nodump segadimm
    315-6334.ic11130817534c342d 3e879f432c82305487922ab28c07107cf0f3c5cf good segadimm
    317-0352-exp.pic16384b216fbfc da2341003b35d1600d63fbe34d13ff3b42bdc939 good segadimm
    317-0364-com.pic1638482975008 6732842d4af630d6c6d96bb11ba98caed1cb6b24 good segadimm
    317-0422-jpn.pic1638454197fbf a18b5b7aec0498c7a62cacf9f2298ddefb7482c9 good segadimm
    317-0456-jpn.pic16384cf3bd834 6236cdb780260d34c02806478a39c9f3432a45e8 good segadimm
    317-0506-jpn.pic16384e105c6c8 63e17b330a2f7d30bf0c263b163469f7f8e6a495 good segadimm
    fpr-23489c.ic142097152bc38bea1 b36fcc6902f397d9749e9d02de1bbb7a5e29d468 good segadimm
    203_203.bin2097152a738ea1c 6f55f1ae0606816a4eca6645ed36eb7f9c7ad9cf good segadimm
    fpr23718.ic362097152a738ea1c b7b5a55a6a4cf0aa2df1b3dff62ff67f864c55e8 good segadimm
    213_203.bin2097152a738ea1c 17131f318632610b87bc095156ffad4597fed4ca good segadimm
    217_203.bin2097152a738ea1c e5a229ae7ed48b2955cad63529fd938c6db555e5 good segadimm
    fpr23905.ic362097152ffffffff acade4362807c7571b1c2a48ed6067e4bddd404b good segadimm
    317_312.bin2097152a738ea1c 31d698cd659446ee09a2eeedec6e4bc6a19d05e8 good segadimm
    401_203.bin2097152a738ea1c edb52597108462bcea8eb2a47c19e51e5fb60638 good segadimm

    :  PARENT Machine
    :  CLONE Machine
    :  BIOS
    :  Device

  • CHDs [Show details]

    Support information
    Size: 0 bytes/0 Mb
    Disc SHA1:055a13a5dc4f54e6b6bdf5ce29dbda14cc9741d7
    CHD Information
    Size: 0 bytes/0 Mb
    CHD MD5:
    CHD SHA1:055a13a5dc4f54e6b6bdf5ce29dbda14cc9741d7


Out Run 2 (c) 2003 Sega.

Spectacular sequel to the original Out Run from 1986 with modern graphics and additional gameplay modes.


Sega Chihiro hardware.

System : X-Box based configuration.

CPU : Intel Pentium III 733MHz (133MHz FSB)

Graphics : nVidia XChip 200MHz (based on the nVidia GeForce 3)

Sound Hardware :

1. Cirrus Logic CS4630 Stream Processor (20-bit DAC, programmable to handle 3D sound streams, 2D sound (including DLS-compatible MIDI), MP3 acceleration, Sensaura environmental effects, and other functions)

2. Other sounds may be generated by the CPU via software engines.

3. nVidia nForce (Real time Dolby Digital 5.1 encoding)

RAM : Upgradable Module, from 64MB upwards (Outrun 2 has 512MB)

Media : Sega GD-Rom

Polygons : 125M Polys/sec (Theoretical Maximum)

Rendering Speed : 4.0 G pixel/sec

Features : Programmable vertex and pixel shading, hardware Transform & Lighting engine, Quincunx FSAA, Anisotropic filtering, bump mapping, hardware lighting, particle effects, other standard 3D features).

Players : 1

Control : Steering wheel

Pedals : 2 (Accelerator and break)

Gear shift


Released in December 2003.

AM2 Mix released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Out Run 2 Sound Tracks - AMMX-2003) on 21/01/2004.


* Change Car Color (Single Player Only) : To change the color of your car, hold down the brake while shifting gears (either direction changes color once) in the car selection screen.

* Force Quit : During the race, stop the car completely and hold down the brake, view change and gear up. The game will bring up a yes and no question. Choose yes and the game end. You can only do this once in each game. If you choose no and resume game, you cannot force quit anymore until the game is over.

Note : The force quit won't work if you have less than 8 seconds on the remaining time. This trick was tested on a single player mode.

* No Handicap Mode (VS mode only) : This code can be entered in the Car Selection or Song Selection screens. All players must step on the Brake pedal and Shift up at the same time. The best way to make this work is just to get all players to hold the brake pedal and shift up and down constantly until a No Handicap box appears at the right.

Note : Shift up is gear up and it means to move the shift knob down. This trick also can be entered after real players mode is activate or vice versa.

* Real Players Only (VS mode only) : This code can be entered in the Car Selection or Song Selection screens. All players must hit the View Change button and Shift Down at the same time. The best way to make this work is just to get all players to tap the view change button and shift up and down constantly until a real players only box appears at the right.


1. Out Run (1986)

2. Out Run 3-D (1989, Sega Master System)

3. Battle Out Run (1989, Sega Master System)

4. Turbo Out Run (1989)

5. Out Run Europa (1991, Sega Game Gear)

6. Out Runners (1992)

7. Out Run 2019 (1993, Sega Mega Drive)

8. Out Run 2 (2003)

9. Out Run 2 SP - Special Tours (2004)


Designed by : Hiroshi Masui

Produced by : Yu Suzuki (YU.)


* Consoles :

Microsoft XBOX [V3N 00001] [Limited Edition] (Jan 2005)

Microsoft XBOX [V3N 00002] (Jan 2005)


Game's ROM.

Machine's picture.

Giochi Simili

Battle Gear
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Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 2 (Japan) (Rev B) (GDS-0026B)
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Turbo Out Run (Out Run upgrade) (FD1094 317-0118)
Power Drift (Tourvision PCE bootleg)
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Wangan Midnight R (WMR1 Ver. A)
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 (Export) (Rev A) (GDX-0016A)
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Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 (Japan) (GDX-0015)
Wheels& Fire
Winding Heat (EAA, Euro v2.11)

Chiudi Lista

Warning: information in history.dat can differ from the ones present in the rest of the page (taken from MAME) as they come from a different source

Information on outr2

0.138u3 [Team Europe, The Dumping Union, Alex]

GDROM required


- 0.142u3: Changed description to 'Out Run 2 (Rev A) (GDX-0004A)'.

- 0.138u3: Team Europe, The Dumping Union and Alex added 'Out Run 2 (Rev. A) [GDX-0004A]' (Sega 2002).

- 2nd July 2010: Smitdogg - Team Europe dumped Out Run 2.

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