Moon Cresta (Electrogame S.A. Spanish bootleg)

Immagine gioco: Moon Cresta (Electrogame S.A. Spanish bootleg)
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Nome romset:
Anno di produzione: 1980
Produttore: bootleg (Electrogame S.A.)

Genere del gioco: Sparatutto
Categoria: Sparatutto / Bersagli

Questa macchina è il clone di:
 • Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu)

Questa macchina funziona correttamente in MAME Questa macchina funziona correttamente in MAME

Emulazione generale: Buono
Emulazione colore: Buono
Emulazione sonoro: Buono
Emulazione grafica: Buono
Salvataggio: Supportato

In MAME dalla versione: .148u5

Il driver di questa macchina in MAME è: galaxian.cpp - Leggi il codice

 Dati tecnici 
 Hardware di questa macchina:
  • CHIP [Mostra dettagli]

    Z80 ("maincpu")cpu 3072000 Hz
    Speaker ("speaker")audio
    Galaxian Audio Custom ("cust")audio
    DISCRETE ("discrete")audio

  • Schermi [Mostra dettagli]

    Questa macchina utilizza un solo schermo:
      Tipo di grafica: Raster
      Orientamento schermo: Verticale
      Risoluzione 768 x 224 @ 60.606061 Hz

  • Numero di giocatori: 2P Alternati
  • Controlli [Mostra dettagli]

      Joystick [2 direzioni]
      Joystick [2 direzioni]
    Numero di pulsanti: 1

  • Dipswitch [Mostra dettagli]

    In grassetto i valori predefiniti
    Player's Bullet SpeedSlow
    Coinage1C/1C, 1C/2C
     2C/1C, 2C/3C
     3C/1C, 3C/4C
     4C/1C, 4C/5C
     1C/1C, 1C/3C
     2C/1C, 2C/5C
     3C/1C, 3C/7C
     4C/1C, 4C/9C
     1C/1C, 1C/4C
     2C/1C, 2C/7C
     3C/1C, 3C/10C
     4C/1C, 4C/13C
     Free Play
     Free Play (duplicate 1)
     Free Play (duplicate 2)
     Free Play (duplicate 3)

  • ROM (5 del set parent, 8 del set clone) [Mostra dettagli]

    Riferito alla versione MAME: 0.181

    NomeDimensioniCRC32SHA1StatoNel romset
    eg12048a67ca4af 0422be6b3549418c19ece3de6dd165e690d40fdd good mooncreg
    eg22048b57b140e f436586280e70dded199be52984fb22c0daf2d62 good mooncreg
    eg32048a1939def c9be93d325dde496d89e0735ec4e7abca932c0f6 good mooncreg
    eg42048068f8830 e12d590401878d9f2695e5c7aa38387ed9ccfb06 good mooncreg
    eg5204832cd9adc 3143690712465d092d6c63f4826f220839d78958 good mooncreg
    eg620483a4b62d9 955603f1ca7c8e7a488a6b33dabed0ac12aa8050 good mooncreg
    eg7204822415271 60b1ca2dc044c0863c6f38280a3bd0ff9397c869 good mooncreg
    eg820487b9cc105 d12bb1d86eddc08ab24c0e8f8b4cc6011fa70f5a good mooncreg
    eg_2b2048fb0f1f81 38a6679a8b69bc1870a0e67e692131c42f9535c8 good mooncrst
    eg_4b204813932a15 b8885c555c6ad7021be55c6925a0a0872c1b6abd good mooncrst
    eg_1b2048631ebb5a 5bc9493afa76c55858b8c8849524cbc77dc838fc good mooncrst
    eg_3b204824cfd145 08c6599db170dd6ee364c44f70a0f5c0f881b6ef good mooncrst
    prom_6331.10f326a0c7d87 140335d85c67c75b65689d4e76d29863c209cf32 good mooncrst

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Attenzione: I dati di history.dat potrebbero essere diversi da quelli riportati nel resto della scheda (tratti da MAME), in quanto provenienti da fonti diverse.

Informazioni su mooncrst

0.09 [?]

0.05 [Nicola Salmoria, Robert Anschuetz]

Artwork available


- eagle2: Original PCB videos. Smitdogg (ID 04013)

- Clones mooncrgx, mooncrsb, mooncrs2: The demo sequence is way out in left. Fujix (ID 00447)

- Clone mooncrgx: Sprite cutoff in cocktail mode incorrect. Robbbert (ID 02074)

- Side-byside test. Gary Walton (ID 01666)

- Clone smooncrs: In cocktail mode you cant see player 2's shots and enemies bullets go in other direction then your ship but they seem to hit you anyway. Gmitra (ID 00451)

- Clone smooncrs: From when you start the emulation to when you lose your 1st life, a strange insectoid rumbling noise is heard, does not occur in any of the other clones. Fever (ID 00449)


- 0.150: Added 'Galaxian Custom' sound.

- 0.149: Roselson (from AUMAP) added clone Cresta Mundo (Laguna S.A. Spanish Moon Cresta bootleg).

- 0.148u5: Ricky2001 (from AUMAP) added clone Moon Cresta (Petaco S.A. Spanish bootleg). David Haywood added alternative coinage to it and fixed c+p error. Roselson (from AUMAP) added clone Moon Cresta (Electrogame S.A. Spanish bootleg). Note: Similar to the spcdraga 'Space Dragon (set 2)' set but with original Moon Cresta gfx roms

- 0.148u2: RevisionX added clone Starfighter (Moon Cresta bootleg).

- 0.147u4: Robbbert and MisfitMAME added clone Moon Crest (Moon Cresta bootleg). Robbbert fixed loading of gfx roms in clone 'Super Star Crest'.

- 0.145u8: Andy Welburn added clone Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu UK, unencrypted).

- 0.142u2: Robbbert fixed corrupt graphics on 3rd and 4th stages in clones Moon War (Moon Cresta bootleg), Space Dragon (Moon Cresta bootleg, set 2) and Moon Cresta (Galaxian hardware).

- 0.141u4: Marcello Mancini, Silvio Finotti, Augusto Garcia and hap added clone Super Star Crest.

- 18th August 2010: Smitdogg - Dave France sent an Eagle board set. All the roms are labeled differently than the sets in MAME but I dumped it and it matches "eagle2".

- 0.136u4: Andrew Welburn added clone Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu UK). Changed description of clone 'Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu, unencrypted)' to 'Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu USA, unencrypted)'.

- 9th February 2010: Smitdogg - Andrew Welburn dumped his Alca Meteor board. It's a bootleg of Moon Cresta/Super Moon Cresta.

- 0.135u1: Siftware added clone Steraranger (Moon Cresta bootleg).

- 0.133u3: Galaxian sound updates [Couriersud]: Moon Cresta and Galaxian now have their respective schematics emulated, i.e. Moon Cresta has a slightly different mixing stage. This fixed explosion of own ship sounds wrong.

- 0.133u1: Renamed (mooncrsu) to (mooncrstu), (mooncrsa) to (mooncrsto) and (mooncrsg) to (mooncrstg).

- 29th October 2008: Mr. Do - Looks like Ad_Enuff's getting back into gear again (woohoo!). He's cleaned up three more for us this time around: Addy took the existing Moon Cresta artwork, and cleaned it up quite nicely.

- 0.127u2: MikeDX fixed duplicated Cabinet dipsetting in clone Moon Cresta (Galaxian hardware).

- 0.125u7: Couriersud fixed corrupted enemies in 3rd + 4th Wave.

- 0.118u6: David Haywood added clone Moon War (Moon Cresta bootleg).

- 0.118u1: Fixed dipswitches in clones Moon Cresta (bootleg set 3), Super Moon Cresta and Space Dragon. Changed description of clone 'Fantazia' to 'Fantazia (bootleg?)'.

- 0.117u1: David Haywood added clones Space Dragon (Moon Cresta bootleg, set 1) and (Moon Cresta bootleg, set 2). The boards were marked 'Space Dragon' although this doesn't appear in the games.

- 6th July 2006: 3D ARCADE - New 3D cabinet model for Moon Cresta from Btribble.

- 0.105u3: Brian Troha added clone Moon Cresta (bootleg set 3).

- 20th April 2006: f205v dumped Moon Cresta (bootleg set 3).

- 28th December 2005: f205v, Gnoppi and Corrado Tomaselli dumped Space Dragon (Moon Cresta bootleg, set 2). It's a clone of "Moon Cresta (Galaxian Hardware)" different from the other "Space Dragon" on this same site.

- 28th June 2005: f205v dumped Moon War (Moon Cresta bootleg).

- 27th June 2005: f205v and Gnoppi dumped Space Dragon (Moon Cresta bootleg, set 1).

- 0.87u2: Chaneman added clone Eagle (set 3).

- 22nd January 2004: Pierpaolo Prazzoli added the color PROM to clone Fantazia.

- 0.78u5: Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed the graphics in the later levels in clone Space Thunderbird.

- 0.78u3: Added clone Space Thunderbird (Fortrek 1981?).

- 11th January 2004: Pierpaolo Prazzoli added Space Thunderbird (an alternate version of Moon Cresta) to the Galaxian driver.

- 0.63: Changed description of clone 'Moon Cresta (bootleg on Galaxian hardware)' to 'Moon Cresta (Galaxian hardware)'.

- 0.61: MASH added clone Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu, unencrypted).

- 0.59: Added clone Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu, old rev).

- 3rd March 2002: Guru added an alternative version of Moon Cresta to the Galaxians driver.

- 22nd January 2000: Zsolt Vasvari fixed the speed of Moon Cresta.

- 24th November 1999: Tatsuyuki Satoh added more accurate noise sound to the Moon Cresta sound emulation.

- 23rd November 1999: Juergen Buchmueller fixed some problems with the new Moon Cresta sound emulation.

- 22nd November 1999: Juergen Buchmueller modified the way in which mooncrst sound is generated.

- 0.35: Added clone Super Moon Cresta.

- 0.35b12: Zsolt Vasvari added clone Moon Cresta (bootleg set 2). Changed description of clone '(bootleg)' to '(bootleg set 1)'.

- 27th April 1999: Zsolt Vasvari added an earlier Moon Cresta romset to the driver.

- 0.35b11: Marco Cassili added clone Eagle (set 2). Changed description of clone 'Eagle' to 'Eagle (set 1)'.

- 9th April 1999: Marco Cassili added an Eagle clone, a Zaxxon clone and a Mr. Do! Run Run clone.

- 0.34b8: Barry Rodewald fixed clone Moon Cresta (bootleg on Galaxian hardware).

- 0.34b1: Added color prom.

- 0.33b7: Nicola Salmoria added clone Moon Cresta (bootleg on Galaxian hardware). Added original gfx ROMs to Moon Cresta, fixing graphics glitches on the title screen. Known issues: The "mooncrst" set has some bad graphics (e.g. missing (c) sign) due to missing original gfx ROMs. Wrong graphics and dipswitches in "mooncrgx".

- 0.33b5: Attempt at making the main Galaxian / Moon Cresta sound channel more accurate [Nicola Salmoria].

- 0.31: Al Kossow added clone Eagle (Centuri 1980). Known issues: Dipswitches for the alternate sets might be inaccurate.

- 0.30: Known issues: The graphics ROMs in the Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu) set are wrong.

- 0.29: Valerio Verrando added clone Moon Cresta (Gremlin). Changed description of clone 'Moon Cresta (Gremlin)' to 'Moon Cresta (bootleg)'.

- 0.28: Merged mooncrst, moonqsr and scramble vidhrdw into the new Galaxian driver [Nicola Salmoria].

- 0.27: Exchanged the infamous two sprite banks in Moon Cresta [Nicola Salmoria].

- 0.26: Known issues: In bootleg version, the highscore should show Gremlin logo. But probably available rom images are corrupted.

- 0.25: Robert Anschuetz provided infos about how to enable a shot sample with Moon Quasar, Moon Cresta, Galaxian and clones. Found the meaning of SW1 in Moon Cresta (Thanks to Mikiya Yadohisa).

- 0.24: Changed parent description to 'Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu)' and clone to 'Moon Cresta (Gremlin)'.

- 0.21: Fixed a bug in all games with starbackground: using a frameskip > 0 introduced slowdowns. Now the speed remains unchanged.

- 0.19: Changed noise_length and noise_rate values in Moon Cresta audio driver, so now noise is much more noisier!

- 0.18: Nicola Salmoria added some lousy noise to Moon Cresta.

- 0.16: Added clone Fantazia. The highscore should show Gremlin logo. But probably available rom images are corrupted. Not playable yet!

- 0.15: Nicola Salmoria added high score saving to Moon Cresta.

- 0.12: Gary Walton confirms that the colors in Moon Cresta and Moon Quasar are 100% accurate. Very good!

- 0.10: Thanks to Gary Walton and Simon Walls, we now have 100% accurate colors in Crush Roller and Uniwars/Japirem. Moon Cresta and Moon Quasar might be correct as well, but I'm not sure [Nicola Salmoria].

- 0.09: Added Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu). These ROMs are encrypted, and slightly different from the other version. This is very likely the version Chuck Cochems remembers (with aliens teleporting right in front of your ship). I renamed the other version (which looks like a mix of the code from a bootleg version and the graphics from the Gremlin original version) "mooncrsb" [Nicola Salmoria]. Renamed (mooncrst) to (mooncrsb).

- 0.06: Star background in Galaxians & co [Nicola Salmoria]. The way I calculate it is probably not correct, anyway it looks reasonable.

- 0.05: Nicola Salmoria added Moon Cresta (bootleg 1980). Game is playable with wrong colors and limited sound. Control: Arrows = Move around and CTRL = Fire. Infos from Robert Anschuetz (Arcade emulator). Info on Moon Cresta taken from Arcade Emulator by Robert Anschuetz. Known issues: Only one sound channel is emulated, and I'm not sure it's correct. No star background. What do the dipswitches do?

LEVELS: 10 (endless)

Other Emulators:

* FB Alpha

* GalEMU

* HiVE

* Retrocade

* Sparcade

* Tickle


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