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Romset name: kamikaze.zip
Production year: 1980
Manufacturer: Leijac Corporation

Game genre: Shooter
Category: Shooter / Gallery

This machine has the following clones:
 • Astro Invader
 • Kosmo Killer

This machine works in MAME with problems This machine works in MAME with problems

Overall emulation: Good
Color emulation: Good
Sound emulation: Imperfect
Graphics emulation: Good
Save states: Supported

In MAME since version: .033b04

The MAME driver of this machine is: astinvad.cpp - Read the code

 Tech info 
 Hardware of this machine:
  • CHIPs [Show details]

    Z80 ("maincpu")cpu 2000000 Hz
    Speaker ("mono")audio
    Samples ("samples")audio

  • Screens [Show details]

    This machine uses a single screen:
      Graphic type: Raster
      Screen orientation: Vertical
      Resolution 256 x 224 @ 60.000000 Hz

  • Number of players: 2P Alternated
  • Controllers [Show details]

      Joystick [2 ways]
      Joystick [2 ways]
    Number of buttons: 1

  • Dip-switches [Show details]

    Default settings in bold
    Bonus Life5000

  • ROMs (5 of the machine set) [Show details]

    Referred to MAME version: 0.181

    NameSizeCRC32SHA1StatusIn romset
    km0120488aae7414 91cb5c268a03960d50401000903d70dc29f904fb good kamikaze
    km0220486c7a2beb 86447d077a58e8c1fc096d0d32b02d18523019a6 good kamikaze
    km0320483e8dedb6 19679d0e8ebe2d19dc766b12a07335b1220fb568 good kamikaze
    km042048494e1f6d f9626072d80897a977c10fe9523a8b608f1f7b7c good kamikaze
    ai_vid_c.rom1024b45287ff 7e558eaf402641d7ff60171f854030219fbf9a59 baddump kamikaze

    :  PARENT Machine
    :  CLONE Machine
    :  BIOS
    :  Device

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Kamikaze (c) 1980 Leijac.

Kamikaze is a simple two-dimensional shooter. You control your laser base against an endless stream of alien invaders. The invaders don't come in set waves. Instead, they come in a constant stream. Once you have gotten through one barrage of aliens, more are just behind to continue the action. Your job is to keep them from overwhelming you with their superiority in numbers. Kill or be killed, that is the objective.

Kamikaze is one of the follow-up games that rode on the wave of the "Space Invaders" craze. The game itself is simple in concept but the action gets fast paced real quickly. Especially since several things can be going on at the same time during the game.


Main CPU : Z80 (@ 2 Mhz)

Players : 2

Buttons : 3


Released in May 1980.

This game is also known as "Astro Invader" (Stern).

Although all the screen colors are generated by the game's hardware as opposed to a screen overlay, there are varying bands of color dependent upon where the aliens are displayed vertically. At different heights, the aliens and their saucers are displayed in various colors. When a player's ship is destroyed, the entire display is drawn in red.


Alien spacecraft, not moving, in their stalls : 10 points

Alien spacecraft moving into stalls or dropping toward you : 20 points

UFO : 100, 200, 300, or 400 points.


* When you start the game, your base will be in the middle, at the bottom of the screen in the area in between the stalls. When the game starts, a large UFO will enter the top of the screen. It will have the number 200 in it. That is how many alien spacecraft that 'mother' ship is going to attack you with. The 'mother' ship will land on the platform and the game will commence or continue. When the 'mother' ship expends all 200 of its ships, all gameplay freezes and a new 'mother' ship will enter with 200 more alien spacecraft. This cycle will keep going until you lose all of your bases.

* A stall will hold 4 invaders. If you haven't reduced that number down, the 5th invader on will drop to the ground. When an invader hits the ground, it just doesn't hit, it produces a blast radius a little wider then the stall it fell from. Your laser base can be destroyed by this 'indirect' fire.

* Just as deadly are the UFO's that show up. They can appear out of any of the open areas (as denoted in the playing field). They don't shoot or look threatening. The problem is, when they land on the ground, your base will be destroyed.

* The ''mother'' ship starts to distribute invaders starting with stall number 1 and works from left to right. Then it works from right to left and so on. The pattern is like this: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2... As you can see, the right side will fill up quicker if you don't act quickly. This only works on odd numbered boards. On the even numbered boards, the 'mother' ship will stack the invaders on the same side as your laser base.

* The best strategy for this game is to keep the middle as open as possible. Keep stalls 4, 5, 6, and 7 as cleared of invaders as possible. Prevent these stalls from building up their maximum of 4 invaders. This will give you some breathing room plus it will help when dealing with the UFO's that come down on the left or right sides.

* There is a pattern on how the invaders are distributed. Use this knowledge when you are moving along the bottom of the screen. If you have stalls topped off and invaders are dropping, watch which way the 'mother' ship is distributing the aliens. If it is from right to left, then the aliens will fall from the farthest stall away from you and come inward. If it is from left to right, then the invaders will fall away from you. This is good if you are trying to make it to one side or the other to know how the invaders are falling.

* You can shoot the aliens that are falling but keep in mind, there probably is another that is on the left or right side that will hit the ground. Given that the blast radius is wider then the stall, it's better to let it go. Just keep the stalls (especially 4, 5, 6, and 7) cleared as best as possible.

* When the 'mother' ship is down to its last few invaders, make sure you are not in a position to get blasted the moment the new 'mother' ship arrives to continue the action. Nothing like having an falling invader inches from your laser base and the action pauses only to unpause and you get your base destroyed.

* Although the UFO seems to come out at random times and places, there does appear to be a pattern. It seems to come down the center mostly but it also has a pattern as to when it comes down the right and left sides.


* Computers :

VTech Laser-VZ


Game's rom.

F.A.Q. by Kevin Butler A.K.A. War Doc

Giochi Simili

Warning: information in history.dat can differ from the ones present in the rest of the page (taken from MAME) as they come from a different source

Information on kamikaze

0.117u1 [Lee Taylor]

0.31 [Lee Taylor]

Samples required (Invaders)


* Add better sound/samples


- 0.123u3: RansAckeR added DIP locations to clone Astro Invader.

- 0.122u6: Aaron Giles fixed clone Astro Invader is not supposed to flash when the little "boogers" hit the ground.

- 0.117u1: Changed 'Astro Invader' and 'Kosmo Killer' to clones of 'Kamikaze'.

- 0.101u4: David Haywood added clone Kosmo Killer.

- 21st October 2005: f205v dumped Kosmo Killer.

- 0.64: Changed visible area to 224x256.

- 17th January 2003: Stefan Jokisch fixed the red screen effect in Astro Invader.

- 0.61: Changed visible area to 208x240.

- 15th March 2000: Zsolt Vasvari fixed the colors in Astro Invader.

- 0.36b11: Added prom ($0 - 1024 bytes), 2nd player and dipswitches 'Cabinet' and 'Freeze'.

- 2nd March 1999: Juergen Buchmueller fixed Astro Invader and his clone Kamikaze. He also updated the CPU interface, resulting in a little speed boost.

- 0.34b8: Howie Cohen added high score saving to Astro Invader.

- 0.33b6: Moved Astro Invader and clone to the z80bw.c driver.

- 0.31: Lee Taylor added Astro Invader (Stern 1980) and clone Kamikaze (Leijac Corporation 1979).

- 3rd August 1997: Dumped Astro Invader.

LEVELS: 1 (endless)

Other Emulators:

* HiVE

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