f15se F-15 Strike Eagle (rev. 2.2 02/25/91)

Immagine gioco: F-15 Strike Eagle (rev. 2.2 02/25/91)
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Nome romset: f15se.zip
Anno di produzione: 1991
Produttore: Microprose Games Inc.

Genere del gioco: Sparatutto
Categoria: Sparatutto / Volo 1a Persona

Questa macchina ha i seguenti cloni:
 • F-15 Strike Eagle (rev. 2.1 02/04/91)

Questa macchina funziona in MAME con problemi Questa macchina funziona in MAME con problemi

Emulazione generale: Buono
Emulazione colore: Buono
Emulazione sonoro: Imperfetto
Emulazione grafica: Buono
Salvataggio: Non supportato

In MAME dalla versione: .107u4

Il driver di questa macchina in MAME è: micro3d.cpp - Leggi il codice

 Dati tecnici 
 Hardware di questa macchina:
  • CHIP [Mostra dettagli]

    M68000 ("maincpu")cpu 16000000 Hz
    TMS34010 ("vgb")cpu 40000000 Hz
    AMD Am29000 ("drmath")cpu 16000000 Hz
    I8051 ("audiocpu")cpu 11059200 Hz
    Speaker ("lspeaker")audio
    Speaker ("rspeaker")audio
    uPD7759 ("upd7759")audio 640000 Hz
    YM2151 ("ym2151")audio 3579545 Hz
    Microprose Audio Custom ("noise_1")audio
    Microprose Audio Custom ("noise_2")audio

  • Schermi [Mostra dettagli]

    Questa macchina utilizza un solo schermo:
      Tipo di grafica: Raster
      Orientamento schermo: Orizzontale
      Risoluzione 576 x 400 @ 60.003840 Hz

  • Numero di giocatori: 1P
  • Controlli [Mostra dettagli]

    Numero di pulsanti: 4

  • Dipswitch [Mostra dettagli]

    In grassetto i valori predefiniti
    Shared Memory Handshake TestOff
    Dr. Math Monitor ModeOff
    Burn-in TestsOff
    Manufacturing TestsOff
    Host Monitor ModeOff
    Service ModeOff
    VGB Monitor ModeOff

  • ROM (32 della macchina) [Mostra dettagli]

    Riferito alla versione MAME: 0.181

    NomeDimensioniCRC32SHA1StatoNel romset
    host.u671310728f495ceb 90998ad67e76928ed1a6cae56038b98d1aa2e7b0 good f15se
    host.u91131072dfae5ec3 29306eed5047e39a0a2350e61ab7126a84cb710b good f15se
    host.u68131072685fc355 5bfe015a8deccb66e3317154d715f490f00ace74 good f15se
    host.u921310728f7bb2eb 1923d55d66da0fbc158b4f90bcc98c88955953ea good f15se
    004.hst13107281671ce1 51ff641ccbc9dea640a62944910abe73d796b062 good f15se
    005.hst131072bdaa7db5 52cd832cdd44e609e8cd269469b806e2cd27d63d good f15se
    host.u70131072251e92d2 a20279089af1f738ba912f90a4d048d4e58795fe good f15se
    007.hst13107236e06cba 5ffee5da6f475978be10fa5e1a2c24f00497ea5f good f15se
    008.hst131072d96fd4e2 001af758da437e955b4ee914eabeb9739ebc4454 good f15se
    009.hst13107233e3b473 66deda79ba94f0ed722b399b3fc6062dcdd1a6c9 good f15se
    122.dth327689d2032cf 8430816756ea92bbe86b94eaa24a6071bf0ef879 good f15se
    125.dth327687718487c 609106f55601f84095b64ce2484107779da89149 good f15se
    123.dth3276854d5544f d039ee39991b947a7483111359ab245fc104e060 good f15se
    124.dth327687be96646 a6733f75c0404282d71e8c1a287546ef4d9d42ad good f15se
    118.dth32768cc895c20 140ef47536914fe1441778e759894c2cdd893276 good f15se
    121.dth32768392e5c43 455cf3bb3c16217e58d6eea51d8f49a5bed1955e good f15se
    119.dth32768b1c966e5 9703bb1f9bdf6a779b59daebb39df2926727fa76 good f15se
    120.dth327685fb9836d d511aa9f02972a7f475c82c6f57d1f3fd4f118fa good f15se
    014.dth1310725ca7713f ac7b9629684b99ecfb1945176b06eb6be284ba93 good f15se
    015.dth131072beae31bb 1ab80a6b99eea6d5bf9b1bce58ecca13042c77a6 good f15se
    016.dth1310725db4f677 25a6fe4c562e4fa4225aa4687dd41920b614e591 good f15se
    017.dth13107247f9a868 7c8a9355893e4a3f3846fd05e0237ffd1404ffee good f15se
    vgb_u101.bin131072e99fac71 98d1d2134fabc1bad637cbe42cbe9cdc20b32126 good f15se
    vgb_u097.bin13107278b9b7c7 4bce993dd3aea126e3a9d42ee8c68b8ab47fdba7 good f15se
    005.vgb1310727b1852f0 d21525e59b3112313ea9783ac3dd988a4c1d5f87 good f15se
    006.vgb1310729d031636 b7c7b57d547f2ce2eeb97126e961f3b5f35823f7 good f15se
    007.vgb13107215326070 ec4484d4515694742d3fd3b944f342f052463988 good f15se
    008.vgb131072ca0e86d8 a7b4b02d100a7875d5a184cdb76d507e926d1ca3 good f15se
    003.vgb1310724d8e8f54 d8a23b5fd00ab919dc6d63fc72824d1293073813 good f15se
    002.vgb131072f6488e31 d2f9304cc59f5523007592ae76ddd56107cc29e8 good f15se
    4-001.snd32768705685a9 311f7cac126a19e8bd555ebf31ff4ec4680ddfa4 good f15se
    3-001.snd262144af84b635 844e5987a66e9e3ab2d2fe05b93a4da3512776bb good f15se

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F-15 Strike Eagle (c) 1990 Microprose.

Un gioco di simulazione di combattimento aereo in 3-D.


Processore Principale : 68000 (@ 12 Mhz), TMS34010 (@ 5 Mhz), I8051 (@ 11.059 Mhz)

Chip Audio : UPD7759 (@ 640 Khz), YM2151 (@ 3.579545 Mhz), (2x) DAC

Giocatori : 1

Pulsanti : 4


Pubblicato nel Febbraio 1991.

Questo è stato il primo gioco coin-op di Microprose.

F-15 SE è il primo gioco al mondo di simulazione di volo in 3D.


* Console :

Atari 7800 (prototipo non rilasciato)

* Computer :

Sharp X68000 (1991)

Nintendo Game Boy (1992)

Nintendo NES (1992)

Sega Game Gear (1993)


Rom del gioco.

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Informazioni su f15se

0.107u4 [R. Belmont]

0.79u2 [David Haywood]


- 0.136u2: Phil Bennett fixed F-15 Strike Eagle - Game now playable. Added Am29000 (16MHz) CPU3 and 2x Microprose Custom sound.

- 16th Janary 2010: Phil Bennett - I finally wrote the Am29000 CPU core needed by F-15 Strike Eagle, Battle of the Solar System and Tank Battle. Emulation of the math unit and 3D hardware soon followed. The 3D performance of the system is a step above Hard Drivin' and co given that the 3D pipeline is implemented mostly in hardware. The average framerate is ~30fps as opposed to 15. Worth mentioning is the extra sound hardware that is used to generate LOUD explosions. It's like something from an analog synthesiser - there's two channels of white with pink noise passed through an SSM2047 VCF. I've included a slightly fudged but reasonable sounding simulation of it. F-15 and BOTSS play ok but they're shameless quarter suckers, regularly pestering the player to pump in more credits to buy weapons, repairs, fuel etc. Tank Battle (aka Super Tank Attack and Tank 3D) is a prototype game. It supports two players via split-screen. I can't find a way to disable the split-screen for single player though.

- 0.129u2: Changed 68000 CPU1 clock speed to 16MHz and I8051 CPU3 to 11059200 Hz. Removed 2x DAC sound. Changed palettesize to 4096 colors. Fixed rom loading.

- 0.107u4: R. Belmont added F-15 Strike Eagle (rev. 2.2 02/25/91). Changed 'F-15 Strike Eagle (rev. 2.1)' to clone '(rev. 2.1 02/04/91)'. Renamed (f15se) to (f15se21).

- 12th August 2006: R. Belmont - Picked up a cheap "unknown" PCB at an auction and it turned out to be a newer version of Microprose's F-15 Strike Eagle. Now if only the driver worked.

- 0.92: Philip J. Bennett improved the Microprose 3D driver. Games not playable, but still a big improvement over the skeleton driver. Changed description to 'F-15 Strike Eagle (rev. 2.1)'.

- 17th April 2004: Phil Bennett - Improved the 2D video emulation. The difference isn't noticeable in screenshots, but believe me, it runs a lot smoother now.

- 12th April 2004: Phil Bennett - Cleaned up the memory maps slightly and managed to get the TMS/68000 monitor modes running. I haven't had much of a chance to work on the games recently. Hopefully that should change in a couple of weeks time...

- 3rd April 2004: Phil Bennett - I've hastily transferred Steve Ellenoff's i8051 PinMAME core over to MAME. As a result, F-15SE and B.O.T.S.S start up with some DAC humming and what sounds like FM machine-gun fire and bell chimes. Given that the 68000 and 8031 aren't communicating properly, that's the extent of the current sound emulation. As an interesting aside, the TMS34010, 68000 and Am29000 each have their own UART device for serial communication with a computer connected to one of the three 'monitor' ports. Diagnostic/status text sent via the ports prints out quite nicely to the command prompt. There's code in the ROMs for some comprehensive system tests initiated presumably via the computer. They should prove rather useful once I bother to get them running.

- 1st April 2004: Phil Bennett - With a few minor adjustments, the remaining 2D graphics have in F-15 Strike Eagle appeared. After patching out its 68000<->Am29000 communications code, B.O.T.S.S makes an appearance... I've been informed (thanks Thomas!) that there's an i8051 core in PinMAME, supporting the i80C31 MCU. Sound emulation *may* follow soon. I'm expecting thumping FM techno soundtracks from both games.

- 30th March 2004: Phil Bennett - Working on F-15 Strike Eagle for the past few weeks. Currently, the 68000 and TMS34010 are hooked up. The game starts with a bit of high kludgery, but without an Am29000 core (a 32-bit RISC CPU responsible for generating the 3D objects) it's far from playable. In addition, an 80C31 MCU core is needed for sound emulation. Battle of the Solar System and Super Tank Attack run on similar hardware, but there's not a lot to show from them at the moment. I've began writing an Am29000 core (it disassembles code at the moment), but with the sheer amount of academic work I'm lumbered with at the moment progress will be slow.

- 0.79u2: David Haywood added F-15 Strike Eagle (Microprose 1990).


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