Express Raider (US, rev 5)

Immagine gioco: Express Raider (US, rev 5)
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Nome romset:
Anno di produzione: 1986
Produttore: Data East USA

Genere del gioco: Platform
Categoria: Platform / Picchiaduro a scorrimento

Questa macchina è il clone di:
 • Express Raider (World, Rev 4)

Questa macchina funziona correttamente in MAME Questa macchina funziona correttamente in MAME

Emulazione generale: Buono
Emulazione colore: Buono
Emulazione sonoro: Buono
Emulazione grafica: Buono
Salvataggio: Supportato

In MAME dalla versione: .034b04

Il driver di questa macchina in MAME è: exprraid.cpp - Leggi il codice

 Dati tecnici 
 Hardware di questa macchina:
  • CHIP [Mostra dettagli]

    DECO16 ("maincpu")cpu 1500000 Hz
    M6809 ("slave")cpu 1500000 Hz
    Speaker ("mono")audio
    YM2203 ("ym1")audio 1500000 Hz
    YM3526 ("ym2")audio 3000000 Hz

  • Schermi [Mostra dettagli]

    Questa macchina utilizza un solo schermo:
      Tipo di grafica: Raster
      Orientamento schermo: Orizzontale
      Risoluzione 256 x 240 @ 59.637405 Hz

  • Numero di giocatori: 2P Alternati
  • Controlli [Mostra dettagli]

      Joystick [8 direzioni]
      Joystick [8 direzioni]
    Numero di pulsanti: 2

  • Dipswitch [Mostra dettagli]

    In grassetto i valori predefiniti
    Coin A2 Coins/1 Credit
     1 Coin/1 Credit
     1 Coin/2 Credits
     1 Coin/2 Credits
     1 Coin/3 Credits
     1 Coin/3 Credits
     1 Coin/4 Credits
     1 Coin/6 Credits
    Coin B4 Coins/1 Credit
     3 Coins/1 Credit
     2 Coins/1 Credit
     2 Coins/1 Credit
     1 Coin/1 Credit
     1 Coin/1 Credit
     1 Coin/2 Credits
     1 Coin/3 Credits
    Coin ModeMode 1
     Mode 2
    Flip ScreenOff
    Bonus Life50k 80k
     50k only
     Very Hard
    Demo SoundsOff

  • ROM (18 del set parent, 2 del set clone) [Mostra dettagli]

    Riferito alla versione MAME: 0.181

    NomeDimensioniCRC32SHA1StatoNel romset
    cz01-5a.16b16384dc8f9fba cae6af54fc0081d606b6884e8873aed356a37ba9 good exprraidu
    cz00-5.15a32768a81290bc ddb0acda6124427bee691f9926c41fda27ed816e good exprraidu
    cz02-1.2a32768552e6112 f8412a63cab0aa47321d602f69bf534426c6aa5d good exprraid
    cz07.5b16384686bac23 b6c96ed40e90a8ba32c2e78a65f9589d387b0254 good exprraid
    cz09.16h327681ed250d1 c98b0440e4319308e683e857bbfeb6a150c76ff3 good exprraid
    cz08.14h327682293fc61 bf81db375f5424396559dcf0e04d34a52f6a020a good exprraid
    cz13.16k327687c3bfd00 87b48e09aaeacf78f3260df893b0922e25d10a5d good exprraid
    cz12.14k32768ea2294c8 bc996351921e68e6237cee2d29fee882931ce0ea good exprraid
    cz11.13k32768b7418335 e9d08ee651b9221c371e2629a757bceca7b6192b good exprraid
    cz10.11k327682f611978 fb60be573184d2af1dfdd543e68eeec53f2788f2 good exprraid
    cz04.8e32768643a1bd3 b23631d96cb413808f65f3ebe8fe6539b6140606 good exprraid
    cz05.8f32768c44570bf 3e9b8b6b36c7f5ae016dba3987ea19a29bd5ee5b good exprraid
    cz06.8h32768b9bb448b 84974b1f3a5b58cd427d874f805a6dd9244c1101 good exprraid
    cz03.12d327686ce11971 16bfa69b3ad02253e81c8110c9b840be03952790 good exprraid
    cy-17.5b256da31dfbc ac476440864f538918f7bef2e1db82fd19195f89 good exprraid
    cy-16.6b25651f25b4c bfcca57613fbb22919e00db1f6a8c7ca50faa60b good exprraid
    cy-15.7b256a6168d7f 0c7b31adcd764ce2631c3fb5c1a968b01f65e741 good exprraid
    cy-14.9b25652aad300 ff09772b930afa87e28d0628ef85a589a3d149c9 good exprraid
    pal16r4a.5c260d66aaa87 dc29b473238ed6a9de2076c79644b613a9ba6924 good exprraid
    pal16r4a.5e2609a8766a7 5f84ad9e633daeb14531ef527827ef3d9b269437 good exprraid

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Attenzione: I dati di history.dat potrebbero essere diversi da quelli riportati nel resto della scheda (tratti da MAME), in quanto provenienti da fonti diverse.

Informazioni su exprraid

0.147u3 [Joachim Bassmann]

0.34b4 [Ernesto Corvi]


- 0.150: Cleanups from Express Raider schematics [Phil Bennett]: Corrected CPU and YM3526 frequencies. Improved protection simulation. Added interrupt acks. Added service coin input. Changed DECO16 CPU1 and M6809 CPU2 clock speeds to 1.5MHz and YM3526 to 3MHz. Removed 'Force Coinage' dipswitch.

- 0.147u3: ShouTime and The Dumping Union added clone Western Express (Japan, rev 4). Correct regions and copyrights in the Express Raider driver and information in the header about the games [Brian Troha]. Rewrite M6502 to modern device, cycle-exact and interruptible [O. Galibert]. Changed 'Express Raider (US set 1)' to clone '(US, rev 5)' and '(US set 2)' to parent 'Express Raider (World, Rev 4)'. Renamed (exprraid) to (exprraidu), (exprraida) to (exprraid) and (wexpressb) to (wexpressb1).

- 0.146u3: Corrected the rom names for Express Raider (US set 1) set and the PCB locations for the program roms in each set [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union].

- 0.146u1: Tirino73 added clone Express Raider (Italy). Official version manufactured in Italy by Gecas under license with genuine DECO custom parts. Also based on notes in the driver the Western Express (world?) set has been changed to bootleg status. Changed description of clones 'Western Express (bootleg set 2)' to '(bootleg set 3)', '(bootleg set 1)' to '(bootleg set 2)' and '(World?)' to '(bootleg set 1)'. Renamed (wexpressb2) to (wexpressb3), (wexpressb) to (wexpressb2) and (wexpress) to (wexpressb). Fixed rom names.

- 0.146: hap fixed a obvious regression (hang after coining up - why did this even work before??) in Express Raider.

- 0.135u2: Fabio Priuli added save state support to Express Raider.

- 0.134u4: Angelo Salese fixed Express Raider freezes after insert coins while playing.

- 0.133u1: Renamed (exprrada) to (exprraida), (wexpresb) to (wexpressb) and (wexpresc) to (wexpressb2).

- 0.132u1: Angelo Salese converted Express Raider to use the DECO CPU-16 core instead of the plain M6502 and implemented a new DECO CPU-16 opcode, used by Express Raider for V-BLANK bit. Replaced M6502 CPU1 with DECO CPU16.

- 0.128u3: Stephane Humbert added DIP locations for Express Raider and clones.

- 0.128u2: Stephane Humbert fixed dipswitches for Express Raider and clones. Added dipswitches 'Coin Mode', 'Force Coinage = 1C/1C' and 2x 'Unused'.

- 0.123u5: Zsolt Vasvari fixed game doesn't start.

- 0.122u8: Changed description to 'Express Raider (US set 1)'.

- 0.106u12: MASH added plds ($0, 200 - pal16r4a.5c and pal16r4a.5e) to Express Raider and clones.

- 0.104u5: Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed Express Raider protection. This fixed on the second level, there aren't enough enemies available to shoot to progress to the next stage.

- 0.96u3: Joachim Bassmann added clone Express Raider (US set 2).

- 0.79u2: Removed unknown dipswitches.

- 0.72: Added 2nd Player.

- 23rd February 2002: Angelo Salese submitted a fix for Express Raider not accepting more than 1 coin.

- 0.37b12: Added clone Western Express (bootleg set 2). Changed description of clone 'Western Express (bootleg)' to '(bootleg set 1)'.

- 20th January 2001: David Haywood added yet another Western Express clone romset.

- 18th January 2001: David Haywood re-submitted the Western Express clone romset support.

- 8th December 2000: David Haywood added another Western Express romset to the Express Raider driver.

- 0.36b9: Changed M6809 CPU2 clock speed to 2MHz.

- 14th August 1999: Nicola fixed clone Western Express bug.

- 0.35b9: Changed description to 'Express Raider (US)' and clone to 'Western Express (World?)'.

- 0.34RC1: Dave W. added high score saving to Express Raider.

- 0.34b8: Changed YM-3812 sound to YM-3526.

- 0.34b7: Nicola Salmoria added clone Western Express. Changed description of clone 'Express Raider (bootleg)' to 'Western Express (bootleg)'.

- 0.34b5: Known issues: Some flickering graphics.

- 0.34b4: Ernesto Corvi added Express Raider (Data East 1986) and clone (bootleg). The background tiles had a very ugly encoding. It was so ugly that our decode gfx routine will not be able to decode it without some little help. So thats why exprraid_gfx_expand() is there. Many thanks to Phil Stroffolino, who figured out the encoding. The bootleg version patched the rom to get rid of the extra opcode ( bootlegs used a regular 6502 ), the vectors hardcoded in place and also had the protection cracked.

- 10th November 1997: Thierry and Gerald dumped Western Express (bootleg set 1).

- 25th September 1997: Dumped Express Raider (US set 1).

LEVELS: 8 (endless)

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