dunkshot Dunk Shot (Rev C, FD1089A 317-0022)

Immagine gioco: Dunk Shot (Rev C, FD1089A 317-0022)
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Nome romset: dunkshot.zip
Anno di produzione: 1987
Produttore: Sega

Genere del gioco: Sport
Categoria: Sport / Pallacanestro

Questa macchina ha i seguenti cloni:
 • Dunk Shot (FD1089A 317-0022)
 • Dunk Shot (Rev A, FD1089A 317-0022)

Questa macchina funziona correttamente in MAME Questa macchina funziona correttamente in MAME

Emulazione generale: Buono
Emulazione colore: Buono
Emulazione sonoro: Buono
Emulazione grafica: Buono
Salvataggio: Non supportato

In MAME dalla versione: .156

Il driver di questa macchina in MAME è: segas16b.cpp - Leggi il codice

 Dati tecnici 
 Hardware di questa macchina:
  • CHIP [Mostra dettagli]

    FD1089A ("maincpu")cpu 10000000 Hz
    Z80 ("soundcpu")cpu 5000000 Hz
    Speaker ("mono")audio
    YM2151 ("ym2151")audio 4000000 Hz
    uPD7759 ("upd")audio 640000 Hz

  • Schermi [Mostra dettagli]

    Questa macchina utilizza un solo schermo:
      Tipo di grafica: Raster
      Orientamento schermo: Orizzontale
      Risoluzione 320 x 224 @ 60.054389 Hz

  • Numero di giocatori: 4P Simultanei
  • Controlli [Mostra dettagli]

    Numero di pulsanti: 2

  • Dipswitch [Mostra dettagli]

    In grassetto i valori predefiniti
    Coin A4 Coins/1 Credit
     3 Coins/1 Credit
     2 Coins/1 Credit
     2 Coins/1 Credit, 5/3, 6/4
     2 Coins/1 Credit, 4/3
     1 Coin/1 Credit
     1 Coin/1 Credit, 5/6
     1 Coin/1 Credit, 4/5
     1 Coin/1 Credit, 2/3
     2 Coins/3 Credits
     1 Coin/2 Credits
     1 Coin/3 Credits
     1 Coin/4 Credits
     1 Coin/5 Credits
     1 Coin/6 Credits
     Free Play (if Coin B too) or 1/1
    Coin B4 Coins/1 Credit
     3 Coins/1 Credit
     2 Coins/1 Credit
     2 Coins/1 Credit, 5/3, 6/4
     2 Coins/1 Credit, 4/3
     1 Coin/1 Credit
     1 Coin/1 Credit, 5/6
     1 Coin/1 Credit, 4/5
     1 Coin/1 Credit, 2/3
     2 Coins/3 Credits
     1 Coin/2 Credits
     1 Coin/3 Credits
     1 Coin/4 Credits
     1 Coin/5 Credits
     1 Coin/6 Credits
     Free Play (if Coin A too) or 1/1
    Demo SoundsOff
    VS Time2P 1:30/ 3P 2:00/ 4P 2:30
     2P 2:00/ 3P 2:30/ 4P 3:00
     2P 2:30/ 3P 3:00/ 4P 3:30
     2P 3:00/ 3P 3:30/ 4P 4:00
    CPU Starts With +6 Pts.Off

  • ROM (22 della macchina) [Mostra dettagli]

    Riferito alla versione MAME: 0.181

    NomeDimensioniCRC32SHA1StatoNel romset
    epr-10520c.a132768ba9c5d10 370d0455903c1bce3b5ad2ffa1d02ccd6da78840 good dunkshot
    epr-10523c.a432768106733c2 d792b3d5073becbd9f440faff45692ab9e6309b9 good dunkshot
    epr-10521.a232768e2d5f97a bf7b4a029580633fee65be89d5c9c83ff76a8484 good dunkshot
    epr-10524.a53276822777314 fbc35505a94c8d4bdb44ee058e9e2e9e9b377c5c good dunkshot
    epr-10522.a332768e5b5f754 af02c46437e3cf62331753dc405211b7f90e3f62 good dunkshot
    epr-10525.a6327687f41f334 631f6113f3c0c47f2dd1ee0ea6e7db4321d7366d good dunkshot
    epr-10528.b932768a8a3762d af75df6eda0df903e2b3f9680cd128da4227961d good dunkshot
    epr-10529.b103276880cbff50 3641ee337194d56d774bf1be91939d03f3c0f77b good dunkshot
    epr-10530.b11327682dbe1e52 a6b74f88e2f47322fbde1f6682cae58caf79f6c8 good dunkshot
    epr-10481.b532768feb04bc9 233dc8e3b887a88ac114723d58a909a58f0ae771 good dunkshot
    epr-10477.b132768f9d3b2cb b530fe16882c718122bfd1de098f39e54993de28 good dunkshot
    epr-10482.b6327685bc07618 f4c88f81b407d467f958181770ea4fd32aab3daf good dunkshot
    epr-10478.b2327685b5c5c92 1c6f1cafa0788678c80ade11560f4a8d8bb7272a good dunkshot
    epr-10483.b7327687cab4f9e 2310a9fe604f78d74d84bea301c95e6f0e6a6085 good dunkshot
    epr-10479.b332768e84190a0 23a8799adf81e1884a8c6b4c55397b8bca2f1850 good dunkshot
    epr-10527.b83276839b1a242 cf0c0768d006a18345b66dd389acba1e8192ec53 good dunkshot
    epr-10526.b432768bf200754 60900d80cfea147b011813dde558c1d39fdd274c good dunkshot
    epr-10473.a7327687f1f5a27 7ff91b95c883b395ab4ff5e440d78e553a09e623 good dunkshot
    epr-10474.a832768419a656e aa734ae835761badeb069f99acc5fded2a19b3a3 good dunkshot
    epr-10475.a93276817d55e85 0c414bafecbfaa82679cc155f15f5255c186358d good dunkshot
    epr-10476.a1032768a6be0956 fc4d6e25e0b46679f94fddbb1850fb0b02f8d84b good dunkshot
    317-0022.key81924eedc66d 50588fa13bf25a2d1322579cdc9937450543c978 good dunkshot

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Dunk Shot (c) 1986 Sega.

Un gioco di basket.


Sega System 16B hardware

Game ID : 317-0022

Processore Principale : 68000 (@ 10 Mhz)

Processore Audio : Z80 (@ 5 Mhz)

Chip Audio : YM2151 (@ 4 Mhz), UPD7759 (@ 640 Khz)

Giocatori : 4

Controllo : trackball

Pulsanti : 2


Anche se la schermata del titolo riporta 1986, Dunk Shot fu pubblicato nel gennaio 1987 in Giappone.

Concesso in licenza ad Atari per la distribuzione negli Stati Uniti.

Edizioni colonna sonora:

[JP] Oct. 10, 1987 - After Burner [Sega Game Music Vol.3] [28XA-109]


Rom del gioco.

Immagini del cabinato.

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Attenzione: I dati di history.dat potrebbero essere diversi da quelli riportati nel resto della scheda (tratti da MAME), in quanto provenienti da fonti diverse.

Informazioni su dunkshot

0.74u2 [Andrew Prime]

0.36b2 [Andrew Prime]


- 0.143u8: Kanikani fixed DIP locations in Dunk Shot.

- 0.127u1: Atari Ace moved FD1089 decryption keys to external files. Added 317-0022.key to Dunk Shot.

- 0.126u5: Changed description to 'Dunk Shot (FD1089A 317-0022)'.

- 0.122u8: Changed 'Unknown' to 'Unused' dipswitches.

- 0.95: Fixed rom names.

- 0.94u2: Sonikos fixed DIPs in Dunk Shot. Added dipswitches 'VS Time', 'Difficulty' and 'CPU Starts With +6 Pts.'.

- 0.91u2: Fixed cpu2 roms addresses ($20000, 30000).

- 0.90u1: Charles MacDonald added complete FD1089 table to Dunk Shot (317-0022) and Aaron Giles fixed graphics and hooked up controls - Game now playable. Changed description to 'Dunk Shot (FD1089 317-0022)'. Fixed cpu1/gfx2 rom loading. Added dipswitches 'Demo Sounds', 'Difficulty', 'Lives' and 'Bonus Life'.

- 3rd January 2005: Aaron Giles - A bit sooner than I expected! Nicola submitted the first pass at the FD1089A/B decryption, and it's quite impressive. There are a number of new games this enables, including Action Fighter and Dunk Shot, as well as a number of alternate versions of Alien Syndrome, Alex Kidd, SDI, Time Scanner, and Aurail. Luckily, as Charles guessed, Action Fighter seems to work fine on MAME, without the graphics issues he mentioned on his site. The game appears to be something of a Spy Hunter ripoff, letting you pilot various vehicles, chasing down bad guys. Dunk Shot needed some tweaking to get working, but it's fully playable now as well, including controls for all four players. All the new variants of existing games are hooked up now and their controls are working. Hopefully I'll get the chance to finish up the sprite consolidation in the next couple of days so that I can submit this giant updated mass of goodness!

- 11th December 2004: Charles MacDonald - Got Dunk Shot fixed, works fine now. The weird thing is that it's a System 16B game but the video hardware seems to be a little different. I developed a utility to encrypt a test program for direct use on the Dunk Shot FD1089A, and have confirmed that it cannot execute unencrypted code. So patching the original game code on a per-game basis to extract data seems to still be necessary, at least for the time being. This makes the process more difficult but certainly not impossible.

- 5th December 2004: Charles MacDonald - Here's Dunk Shot (System 16B, 317-0022) decrypted and running. Thanks to Dave Widel for donating the CPU, and ShinobiZ & COY for providing the original and bootleg Dunk Shot ROM sets. This is the first FD1089A game that has been decrypted. While it it's encryption method is less complex, finding the right place to insert your own decryption routine is extremely difficult. This is because all data as well as code is encrypted (no vector table changes, hard to know where code starts/stops) and there are no direct instructions, which was the most important finding that led to the FD1094 being figured out. As eight of every 16 bits are encrypted, you have a 50/50 chance of identifying code sequences, which improves as the size of the search data increases. I'll work on getting better screenshots, not sure what the game is up to currently.

- 0.88u7: Changed description to 'Dunk Shot (FD1089? 317-0022?)'.

- 0.88u6: Changed description to 'Dunk Shot (FD1094 317-0022?)'. Changed Z80 CPU2 clock speed to 5MHz and palettesize to 6144 colors. Added uPD7759 sound.

- 29th October 2004: Charles MacDonald - I've been able to decrypt a large portion of the game "Dunk Shot" which uses a FD1089A. It turns out the program ROMs from the bootleg dump (used as a reference to locate code in the encrypted ROMs) weren't completely bad, the decrypted data and opcodes are stored separately and in unusual locations within each ROM. There should probably be more data (about 1/3 of the original content is accounted for) but it was more than enough to get started with.

- 0.74u2: Added Dunk Shot (Sega 1986).

- 0.36b2: Andrew Prime added Dunk Shot (Testdriver).

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