Dinosaur King - Operation: Dinosaur Rescue (USA, Export)

Immagine gioco: Dinosaur King - Operation: Dinosaur Rescue (USA, Export)
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Romset name: dinokior.zip
Production year: 2006
Manufacturer: Sega

Game genre: Fighter
Category: Fighter / Misc.

This machine needs a BIOS file:
 • Sega System SP (Spider) BIOS (segasp.zip)

This machine is NOT working in MAME This machine works in MAME

Overall emulation: Preliminary
Color emulation: Good
Sound emulation: Preliminary
Graphics emulation: Good
Save states: Not supported

In MAME since version: .161

The MAME driver of this machine is: segasp.cpp - Read the code

 Tech info 
 Hardware of this machine:
  • CHIPs [Show details]

    SH-4 (little) ("maincpu")cpu 200000000 Hz
    ARM7 ("soundcpu")cpu 2822400 Hz
    Speaker ("lspeaker")audio
    Speaker ("rspeaker")audio
    AICA ("aica")audio

  • Screens [Show details]

    This machine uses a single screen:
      Graphic type: Raster
      Screen orientation: Horizontal
      Resolution 640 x 480 @ 61.702586 Hz

  • Number of players: 2P Simultaneous
  • Controllers [Show details]

      Joystick [8 ways]
      Joystick [8 ways]
    Number of buttons: 3

  • Dip-switches [Show details]

    Default settings in bold
    ROM Board typeother
    BIOS Debug modeOff
    Monitor31 kHz
     15 kHz
    Bilinear FilteringOff
    Disable Render CallsOff

  • BIOS Options [Show details]

    Default settings in bold
    v101 BOOT VER 1.01
    v200 BOOT VER 2.00
    v201 BOOT VER 2.01

  • ROMs (9 of the machine set, 5 of the BIOS set) [Show details]

    Referred to MAME version: 0.181

    NameSizeCRC32SHA1StatusIn romset
    epr-24236a.ic502097152ca7df0de 504c74d5fc96c53ef9f7753e9e37fb8b39cb628c good segasp
    epr-24328.ic50209715225f2ef00 e58dec9f171e52b3ded213b3fcd9a0de8a438076 good segasp
    epr-24328a.ic50209715203ec3805 a8fbaea826ca257be0b2b86952f247254929e046 good segasp
    mb_serial.ic57128e1e3c009 66bc636c527389c3338f631d78c788b4bd4e93be good segasp
    mb_eeprom_us.ic54s1284186d7ab fc23da69a511a7643b6a066161bcfc3cdeeacf04 good segasp
    ic6216777216d3f37d05 54c25ddca061acc092a357d958f180f523b86b65 good dinokior
    ic631677721607a9491a 24b4a6e2fb136dd02fd8ede3d07dc8e3cec36f3d good dinokior
    ic6416777216d14a95f7 b078ae9ca1b75a80dfd35227351b5aa6f4465cd2 good dinokior
    ic651677721609bf6418 6d833a82e1268548a837df7fb681940faee17096 good dinokior
    ic66s16777216014de6b8 68c2f25bc91dee4e1e069b586314b2e1fe4bc1b2 good dinokior
    ic67s167772167bf77663 51a0c867290dce11dcc49f61c1af0d4ed42b02f1 good dinokior
    ic68s16777216ff5ed2b8 d8d86b3ed976c8c8fc51d225ae661e5f237b6e1d good dinokior
    ic69s16777216ab8ac4eb e6b3ce796ae4887011e2764261f3f437dc9939f9 good dinokior
    317-0408-com.ic1520480e94daba 4e9722333a29afd0dbadba78b16344b77a689610 baddump dinokior

    :  PARENT Machine
    :  CLONE Machine
    :  BIOS
    :  Device

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