chukatai Chuka Taisen (World)

Immagine gioco: Chuka Taisen (World)
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Nome romset:
Anno di produzione: 1988
Produttore: Taito Corporation Japan

Genere del gioco: Sparatutto
Categoria: Sparatutto / Volo Orizzontale

Questo gioco ha i seguenti cloni:
 • Chuka Taisen (Japan)
 • Chuka Taisen (US)

Questo gioco funziona correttamente in MAME Questo gioco funziona correttamente in MAME

Stato dell'emulazione: Buono
Emulazione colore: Buono
Emulazione sonoro: Buono
Emulazione grafica: Buono
Salvataggio: Supportato

In MAME dalla versione: .068

Il driver di questo gioco in MAME è: tnzs.c - Leggi il codice

 Dati tecnici  
Numero di giocatori: 2P Alternati
Controllato con:
Numero di pulsanti: 2

Questo gioco utilizza un solo schermo:
  Tipo di grafica: Raster
  Orientamento schermo: Orizzontale
  Risoluzione del gioco 256 x 224 @ 59.150000 Hz

La scheda di questo gioco usa 5 CHIP
Z80cpu6000000 Hz
Z80cpu6000000 Hz
I8742cpu6000000 Hz
YM2203audio3000000 Hz

 Dati Scheda 
Il ROMset di questo gioco si compone di 12 ROM
Riferito alla versione MAME: 0.161

NomeDimensioniCRC32SHA1FunzionamentoNel romset
b44-10655368c69e008 7825965f517f3562a508345b7c0d32b8a57bd38a good chukatai
b44-116553632484094 f320fea2910816b5085ca9aa37e30af665fb6be1 good chukatai
b44-12w65536e80ecdca cd96403ca97f18f630118dcb3dc2179c01147213 good chukatai
b44-8742.mcu20487dff3f9f bbf4e036d025fe8179b053d639f9b8ad401e6e68 good chukatai
b44-01.a13131072aae7b3d5 52809ea22d98811ece2fb27e80db6ddf4fbacb07 good chukatai
b44-02.a121310727f0b9568 415d2638d1b0eb36b2e2f63219cbc0dbebe02dc6 good chukatai
b44-03.a101310725a54a3b9 6b219f1c3570f16eb4a06221d7e527c735437bac good chukatai
b44-04.a081310723c5f544b d3b0ee18f1027483a36ef02757b62f42a086a8e2 good chukatai
b44-05.a07131072d1b7e314 8b4181caa32955b4274614a4238bb24d67ecb729 good chukatai
b44-06.a05131072269978a8 aef7b8d3d00dcc4201e0a1e28026f6f1bdafd0b7 good chukatai
b44-07.a041310723e0e737e f8d62c7b69c79da9df7ef5ce454060d3645e5884 good chukatai
b44-08.a021310726cb1e8fc 4ab0c2cce1de2616044a9bfb9bf17f95a49baffd good chukatai

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:  Gioco Clone

Le dimensioni del file sono 508.27 Kbytes (compresso)

La scheda di questo gioco ha 11 opzioni configurabili via dipswitch

In grassetto i valori predefiniti

Flip ScreenOff
Service ModeOff
Demo SoundsOff
Coin A4 Coins/1 Credit
 3 Coins/1 Credit
 2 Coins/1 Credit
 1 Coin/1 Credit
Coin B1 Coin/2 Credits
 1 Coin/3 Credits
 1 Coin/4 Credits
 1 Coin/6 Credits
Bonus Life40k 240k 200k+
 60k 360k 300k+
 100k 500k 400k+
 150k 650k 500k+


Chuka Taisen (c) 1988 Taito.

Uno sparatutto a scorrimento orizzontale.


Numero Scheda : K1100332A

Adesivi Prom : B44

Processore Principale : (2x) Z80, I8X41

Chip Audio : YM2203

Giocatori : 2

Controllo : Joystick a 8 direzioni

Pulsanti : 2


Sviluppato da Hot-B.

Il titolo di questo gioco si traduce dal Giapponese come "Grande Mago Cinese".


Dalla tabella dei punteggi elevati : Yukio Abe, Hidehiro Fujiwara


* Console:

Nintendo Famicom (1989)

Sega Master System (1989, "Cloud Master")

NEC PC-Engine (1992, "Gokuraku Chuuka Taisen")

Sony PlayStation 2 [JP] (January 27, 2007; "Taito Memories II Joukan [Model SLPM-66649]")

Sony PlayStation 2 (2007, "Taito Memories II Vol. 1") (solo in Giappone)

* Computer:

Sharp X68000 (1988) Chuka Taisen



Rom del gioco.

Giochi Simili

Attenzione: I dati di history.dat potrebbero essere diversi da quelli riportati nel resto della scheda (tratti da MAME), in quanto provenienti da fonti diverse.

Informazioni su chukatai

0.68 [?]

0.36b8 [Quench]


- 0.146u4: Fixed maincpu rom address to $10000.

- 0.144u7: David Haywood fixed garbage sprites on the left side in Chuka Taisen.

- 0.143u8: Kanikani added DIP locations to Chuka Taisen.

- 0.133u1: Renamed (chukatau) to (chukataiu) and (chukataj) to (chukataij).

- 0.128u4: Replaced I8X41 CPU3 with I8742.

- 0.128u1: Changed 'Unknown' to 'Unused' dipswitches.

- 8th September 2008: Guru - Chuka Taisen (1988 Taito... with M chip!!) arrived from Korea. Thanks to gp-lee.

- 0.126u4: Guru added README for Chuka Taisen.

- 0.122u6: Changed I8X41 CPU3 clock speed to 6MHz.

- 0.68: Added Chuka Taisen (World) and clone (US). Renamed (chukatai) to (chukataj). Added I8X41 MCU (400000 Hz).

- 0.37b6: Added 'Bonus Life' dipswitch.

- 9th November 1999: Quench fixed some graphics problems in Chuka Taisen.

- 0.36b8: Quench added Chuka Taisen (Japan) (Taito 1988).

- 20th October 1999: Quench added Chuka Taisen to the TNZS driver.


Other Emulators:

* FB Alpha

* Raine

Informazioni su tnzs.c (Driver MAME)

0.31 [Chris Moore, Martin Scragg]


- Find out how the hardware credit-counter works (MPU).

- Fix MCU simulation errors: Avoid credits to be increased when in "test mode" to avoid coin lockout (needed to complete special test mode in 'extermatn' and 'arknoid2'). Why are credits limited to 9 in some games? Pressing SERVICE1 allows to go up to 100 and cause this: 'plumppop': freeze, 'extrmatn': reset and 'arknoid2': coin overflow.

- Fix video offsets (See Dr Toppel in Flip-Screen - also affects Chuka Taisen).

- Video scroll side flicker in Chuka Taisen, Insector X, Dr Toppel and Kabuki Z.

- Sprite/background sync during scrolling, e.g. insectx and kabukiz.

- Merge video driver with seta.c (it's the same thing but seta.c assumes a 16-bit CPU).

- Figure out remaining unknown dipswitches in 'plumppop' and 'jpopnics'.

- Get rid of the COMMON_* macros to use generic INPUT_PORTS definition and PORT_INCLUDE macro by changing the ym2203_config definition.

- Arkanoid 2: What do writes at $f400 do? Why does the game zero the $fd00 area?

- Extrmatn: What do reads from $f600 do ? (discarded)

- Chuka Taisen: What do writes at $f400 do ? (value 40h) What do reads from $f600 do in service mode ?

- Dr Toppel: What do writes at $f400 do ? (value 40h) What do reads from $f600 do in service mode ?


- There are three versions of TNZS supported: 1) "tnzs". New hardware revision. 3 Z80 and no M-Chip (8742 MPU). 2) "tnzsj". Standard hardware. 2 Z80 and the M-Chip. 3) "tnzso". Standard hardware. Harder gameplay, old Taito logo. Maybe a prototype? The three versions all have different levels!


- extrmatn and arknoid2 have a special test mode. The correct procedure to make it succeed is as follows: enter service mode, on the color test screen, press 2 (player 2 start), set dipswitch 1 and dipswitch 2 so that they read 00000001, reset the emulation, and skip the previous step. press 5 (coin 1). Text at the bottom will change to "CHECKING NOW". use all the inputs, including tilt, until all inputs are OK, press 5 (coin 1) - to confirm that coin lockout 1 works, press 5 (coin 1) - to confirm that coin lockout 2 works, set dipswitch 1 to 00000000, set dipswitch 1 to 10101010, set dipswitch 1 to 11111111, set dipswitch 2 to 00000000, set dipswitch 2 to 10101010, set dipswitch 2 to 11111111, speaker should now output a tone, press 5 (coin 1) , to confirm that OPN works, press 5 (coin 1) , to confirm that SSGCH1 works, press 5 (coin 1) , to confirm that SSGCH2 works, press 5 (coin 1) , to confirm that SSGCH3 works and finished ("CHECK ALL OK!").


- Many games tnzs.c games (chukatai, chukataj, chukatau, drtoppel, drtopplu, drtopplj, insectx, kabukiz, kabukizj, kageki, kagekia, kegekij, tnzs, tnzsj, tnzso): There are a number of sets in this driver (but note, not all of them) that either reset/freeze or loop under certain conditions. Setting throttle off and -frameskip to anything other than 0 .. some will fail even -frameskip 1 (drtoppel for instance). If you use -frameskip 6 or more, all sets will give a "coin error" or "bad hardware" if you try to credit one or two times. I was told in the past that it should not matter if frameskipping is taking place and that games should respond the same as they do at normal throttled speed. This is similar in action of another bug, hotsmash0110u4red, where an unthrottled emulation choked up when credit was inserted. - tnzs0116u2red (Tafoid) If you hold down the coin button for too long (which is what happens if you're running frameskipped / unthrottled) then the games think that there is a coin jam and will reset / give an error as appropriate. This is correct behavior, not a bug, and we don't need cheap hacks to 'fix' it, thanks. The only way in which is could be considered a bug is that MAME probably isn't processing inputs for each frame when frameskipping. (which is why I guess it happens with frameskip even with throttle, it thinks you've held it down for 10 frames) Changing the drivers is not a correct 'fix' in this case tho, so it's clearly not a driver bug, it's a MAME design issue at best. Haze


- 0.146u4: Handle the memory banking manually in TNZS driver, avoiding the periodic crippling slowdowns related to mapping. Also, cleaned up all the rom loading so that we're not using RAM allocated in the ROM_REGIONs, which may well help with save states too. This fixed significant negative performance spike after TNZS intro sequence [David Haywood].

- 0.146: hap fixed mistakes with MCFG_SOUND_ROUTE in MCFG_SOUND_MODIFY, causing double routing (louder volume + soundchip showing up twice in the sliders menu).

- 0.142u3: Added video\seta001.c. David Haywood started unifying sprite implementations for Seta X1-001/X1-002 chips.

- 0.133u2: Corrado Tomaselli fixed VSync to 59.15 in the TNZS driver as verified on PCB.

- 0.130u3: Aaron Giles merged memory maps in the TNZS driver.

- 0.129: Turned on perfect interleave for remaining TNZS games [Aaron Giles].

- 0.128u1: Updated TNZS driver [Stephane Humbert]: Renamed sets. Fixed dipswitches for all games (2 remaining unknown Dips in 'plumppop' and 'jpopnics' though). Added many notes.

- 0.111u5: Added includes\tnzs.h.

- 0.93u1: Aaron Giles fixed TNZS driver (has missing 2203 interface reinstated).

- 0.91u2: TNZS driver update [Nicola Salmoria]: Fixed crash due to code execution across bank cboundary. Added sprite banking (same as Seta driver). Added sprite buffering (not quite the same as Seta driver).

- 0.85u1: Inigo Luja fixed input port definition errors the TNZS driver.

- 0.78u5: Fixed warning messages (0.78u2 memory rewrite).

- 14th January 2003: Quench cleaned up the TNZS driver.

- 13th January 2003: Quench added better M-Chip protection emulation to the TNZS driver and improved the i8x41 CPU core.

- 14th July 2000: Gerardo Oporto fixed dipswitches in TNZS-hardware games.

- 17th April 1999: Nicola merged TNZS and Arkanoid 2 drivers and added Insector X.

- 16th March 1999: Brad Oliver and Nicola Salmoria have worked on TNZS, trying to fix crashes and adding a bootleg.

- 0.36b11: Merged kageki.c with tnzs.c driver.

- 0.36b9: Added kageki.c driver (Takahiro Nogi).

- 0.35b11: Merged arkanoi2.c with tnzs.c driver.

- 0.34b4: Added arkanoi2.c driver (Luca Elia, Mirko Buffoni).

- 0.31: Added tnzs.c driver, machine\tnzs.c and vidhrdw\tnzs.c.

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