bkrtmaq Bakuretsu Quiz Ma-Q Dai Bouken (Japan)

Immagine gioco: Bakuretsu Quiz Ma-Q Dai Bouken (Japan)
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Nome romset: bkrtmaq.zip
Anno di produzione: 1992
Produttore: Namco

Genere del gioco: Quiz
Categoria: Quiz / Giapponese

Questo gioco funziona correttamente in MAME Questo gioco funziona correttamente in MAME

Stato dell'emulazione: Buono
Emulazione colore: Buono
Emulazione sonoro: Buono
Emulazione grafica: Buono
Salvataggio: Non supportato

In MAME dalla versione: .037b14

Il driver di questo gioco in MAME è: namcona1.c - Leggi il codice

 Dati tecnici  
Numero di giocatori: 2P Simultanei
Numero di pulsanti: 4

Questo gioco utilizza un solo schermo:
  Tipo di grafica: Raster
  Orientamento schermo: Orizzontale
  Risoluzione del gioco 304 x 224 @ 60.000000 Hz

La scheda di questo gioco usa 5 CHIP
M68000cpu12528250 Hz
C69 (M37702)cpu12528250 Hz
C140audio44100 Hz

 Dati Scheda 
Il ROMset di questo gioco si compone di 8 ROM
Riferito alla versione MAME: 0.161

NomeDimensioniCRC32SHA1FunzionamentoNel romset
mq1-ep0l.bin524288f029bc57 fdbf8b8b9f69d5755ca5197dda4f887b12dd66f4 good bkrtmaq
mq1-ep0u.bin5242884cff62b8 5cac170dcfbeb3dcfa0840bdbe7541a9d2f44a14 good bkrtmaq
mq1-ep1l.bin524288e3be6f4b 75d9a4cff25e63a9d6c092aa6e241eccd1c61f91 good bkrtmaq
mq1-ep1u.bin524288b44e31b2 3d8c63789b98ada3663ba9e28c370815a9a9c3ed good bkrtmaq
mq1-ma0l.bin104857611fed35f 511d98b6b42b330238a1874bca031b1892654a48 good bkrtmaq
mq1-ma0u.bin104857623442ac0 fac706f24045d51a2712f51530967140ea8e875f good bkrtmaq
mq1-ma1l.bin1048576fe82205f 860cc7a96ae3f848ce594077c1362e4e22a36908 good bkrtmaq
mq1-ma1u.bin10485760cdb6bd0 b8b398477c9654e96921110fb30c754240183897 good bkrtmaq

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Le dimensioni del file bkrtmaq.zip sono 1639.43 Kbytes (compresso)

La scheda di questo gioco ha 3 opzioni configurabili via dipswitch

In grassetto i valori predefiniti

DIP2 (Freeze)Off
DIP1 (Test)Off
Service ModeOff


Bakuretsu Quiz Ma-Q Daibouken (c) 1992 Namco.

Un quiz giapponese con un tema safari / antiterrorista.


Namco System NA-1 hardware

Game ID : MQ

Processore Principale : 68000 (@ 12.52825 Mhz), M37710 (@ 12.52825 Mhz)

Chip Audio : C140 (@ 42.667 Khz)

Giocatori : 4

Pulsanti : 4


Pubblicato nel Luglio 1992.

Il titolo di questo gioco si traduce dal giapponese come 'Exploding Quiz Ma-Q Great Adventure'.

Colonna sonora:

Namco Video Game Graffiti Vol.10 [Victor Entertainment - VICL-40097 - 16 Dicembre 1993]


Compositore : Ayako Sasou


Rom del gioco.

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Attenzione: I dati di history.dat potrebbero essere diversi da quelli riportati nel resto della scheda (tratti da MAME), in quanto provenienti da fonti diverse.

Informazioni su bkrtmaq

0.37b14 [Phil Stroffolino]

0.37b12 [Phil Stroffolino]

< Japan >


- 0.127u4: Replaced M37710 CPU2 with M37702.

- 0.125u4: Changed C140 clock speed to 44100 Hz.

- 0.37b14: Phil Stroffolino added Bakuretsu Quiz Ma-Q Dai Bouken (Japan) (Namco 1992).

- 0.37b12: Phil Stroffolino added 'Bakuretsu Quiz Ma-Q Dai Bouken' (Testdriver).


Romset: 6160 kb / 9 files / 1.43 zip

Informazioni su namcona1.c (Driver MAME)

0.37b12 [Phil Stroffolino]


- View area / screen resolution controlled by registers?

- Xday 2: Rom board M112. Rom board custom Key chip i.d. C394. Game uses a small cash-register type printer (connects to rom board). Game also has a large L.E.D. type score board with several displays for various scores. (connects to rom board). Game uses coin-type battery on rom board (not suicide). Game won't startup unless printer is connected and with paper.


- NA-2 is backwards compatible with NA-1.

- Some NA-1 PCBs are known to have the NA-2 (C70) MCU BIOS, so that cannot be used to tell them apart.

- Test mode for NA2 games includes an additional item: UART Test. No games are known to actually link up and use the UART feature. It's been confirmed that a Numan Athletics fails the UART test, behaving as it does in MAME.

- Quiz games use 1p button 1 to pick test, 2p button 1 to begin test, and 2p button 2 to exit. Because quiz games doesn't have joystick.

- Almost all quiz games using JAMMA edge connector assign button1 to up, button 2 to down, button 3 to left, button 4 to right. But Taito F2 quiz games assign button 3 to right and button 4 to left.


- All games in namcona1.c: Emulator crashes when hard resetting or switching games. scoobydude51 (ID 05312)


- 0.144u5: hap fixed some Namco NA-1 games fails to pass selftest or freeze after copyright information (bkrtmaq, quiztou, numanath, swcourt, swcourtj, exvania and exvaniaj).

- 0.127u4: Removed sound\namcona.c/h. Phil Bennett changed Namco NA-2 to use real C70 BIOS. Removed sound and input simulation code. Changed the NA-1/2 MCU type to M37702.

- 0.125u4: R. Belmont adjusted NamcoNA output rate to match pitch with F/A and Cosmo Gang the Puzzle soundtrack CDs.

- 0.125u2: Further Namco NA-1 changes [Phil Stroffolino]: Adjusted alternate palette handling weights to more accurately match real hardware - text anti-aliasing is much more noticable. Adjustment to ROZ layer priority - prevents roz layer from incorrectly being displayed over backgrounds in some games (i.e. Numan Athletics (Japan)). Added a mask when processing the ROZ tilemap to avoid defects in emeraldj. Changed palettesize to 8192 colors.

- 16th May 2008: Phil Stroffolino - I've unraveled some of the last few mysteries of Namco's NA1 system hardware. The "rotate and zoom" layer so far appears to only be used by a single game, Emeralda. The single oddest feature I encountered was a spriteram attribute that causes the palette to be interpretted in a radically different manner. This fixes the onscreen score text in Emeralda, which, now that it is correctly emulated, features color gradients and anti-aliasing. This same effect could have been accomplished more-or-less equivalently with the standard -rrrrrgggggbbbbb palette. I'm baffled as to why hardware designers and software would have implemented the feature in such a roundabout manner. A screenshot featuring the corrected colors is featured below.

- 0.125u1: Namco NA-1 improvement [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]: Fixed the ROZ effect in Namco NA1 driver. ROZ tilemap is actually an additional tilemap. Fixes a bug where a "roz enable" test was causing a normal layer to be rendered with ROZ effects in-game. There is no roz enable register - it's always available for mixing with other tilemaps and sprites. This also adds a missing NAMCO logo zoom/spin effect in Emeralda's attract mode. Support for scanline effect (fixes invisible dolphin in Emeralda attract mode). ROZ implementation no longer breaks Numan Athletics pixmap layer. Blitter fixes; X-Day 2 graphics are now correct. Identified extra communications RAM used by X-Day 2 (probably to control printer).

- 0.125: Phil Stroffolino fixed ROZ centering in Namco NA-1 driver.

- 0.124u2: Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed an erroneous debug change which leaked into the last version of the Namco NA-1 update.

- 0.124u1: Namco NA-1 improvement [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]: Fixed sprites shadow in driver and removed Emeraldia hack. Added tilemaps and sprites 4bpp mode. Added preliminary ROZ implementation (disabled until the enable / disable register is found). Changed background pen to fix Emeraldia demo.

- 30th March 2008: Pierpaolo Prazzoli - Namco NA1 fixes (Part II): I've found how tilemaps switch from 8bpp to 4bpp, so bug (d) is completely fixed and I found that sprites can switch to 4bpp mode as well. I implemented it, but it didn't fix bug (e), it only fixed a little scroll effect in the high-score screen.

- 29th March 2008: Pierpaolo Prazzoli - Namco NA1 fixes: I decided to take a look at the Namco NA-1 driver bug, because it was probably a simple fix: a missing sprites wrap around. In fact I fixed it rewriting the sprites drawing function and simplifing it a bit. While working on namcona1 driver I noticed that Emeraldia have some problems: a) a hack to draw sprites with shadow bit set, b) a missing dolphin "speaking" in the demo and c) an unimplemented ROZ effect. I asked a couple of MAME-friends if they had a PCB. Luckily Stefan Lindberg has one and got a video of Emeraldia, showing all these problems plus two new ones: d) the high-score text has wrong colors. e) text sprites in the game (the score for example) have wrong colors. f) the service mode has a lower screen resolution. I started to take a look at some of these bugs. I got bug (a) fixed: the shadows have to be drawn only when sprites use the 16th color and not always... and bug (d) almost fixed: it was graphics color granularity problem, because the game can switch it (from what I can tell it can use 4bpp and 8bpp). I still have to find how to switch it and not hardcode it. Bug (b): I know that the dolphin sprite is drawn... but it's under the tilemaps so right now it's not visible. I don't know yet how to fix it. It could be related to a priority issue. Bug (c): don't know anything about it... there're registers to hook it up, but I don't know how easy or difficult it's to implement. Bug (e): I think it could be something related to bug (d). Bug (f): there are probably some video registers to dinamically change screen resolution at run-time.

- 0.123u1: Added 'Service Mode' dipswitch to some games.

- 0.122u1: Phil Bennett fixed C219 sample read order and implemented sign+magnitude format. Removed GAME_IMPERFECT_SOUND flag from all Namco NA-1 games.

- 0.121u4: Phillip Bennett changed M37710 CPU to use the CPU clock for its internal timer rather than a hard-coded value. Fixes tempo in Namco NA-1 games.

- 11th June 2006: R. Belmont - Spent most of the day pulling apart the music player in the Namco NA-1 (C69) BIOS looking for exploits we can use to trojan the C70. Unfortunately, unlike the later players, there isn't a wide open opcode that'll do it for us, but I still have many other ideas.

- 6th May 2006: Charles MacDonald - Guru kindly sent another NA-2 board for me to work with. I've got the NA-1 USB hardware hooked up to it and have tried running some of the C69 trojans as well as new programs to figure out what's going on. Namco did a good job patching up the holes in the C69's security. ;) I'm sure in time the C70 can be dumped.

- 0.105u3: Aaron Giles uncommented/added missing undumped ROMs to the Namco NA-1 driver. Added M37702 BIOS (labeled as Namco custom C70) fake rom to Knuckle Heads, Numan Athletics, Nettou! Gekitou! Quiztou!! and X-Day 2.

- 0.103u2: Updated Namco NA-1 to use the real BIOS [R. Belmont, Charles MacDonald]. Added M37702 BIOS (labeled as Namco custom C69) to Bakuretsu Quiz Ma-Q Dai Bouken, Cosmo Gang the Puzzle, Emeraldia, Exvania, Fighter & Attacker, Super World Court and Tinkle Pit. Replaced 'Namco NA' sound with M37710 (12528250 Hz) CPU2 and C140 (42667) sound.

- 8th January 2006: R. Belmont - Figured out the remaining problems with the emulated sound for NA-1 (and NA-2 once Charles and Guru trojan it's BIOS). It now plays even better than the current simulation, modulo a few last-minute tweeks.

- 2nd January 2006: Charles MacDonald - I've been running tests on the Namco NA-1 hardware over the last few days, and figured out how to dump the internal ROM of the M37702 MCU used in Super World Court. The BIOS has a function where code can be copied from the 68000 side over to MCU RAM and executed, making it quite insecure. I wrote a program that copies a portion of the M37702 memory to shared RAM, and the 68000 can change and run the program in a loop to read any part of the MCU address space. I think the same technique will work for other NA-1 games; at least what I've seen in MAME is that a number of them also upload code fragments for the MCU to use. For other types of Namco hardware that use the M37702, it's highly dependant on what services the MCU makes available. Also, now that the BIOS can be examined and user code can be executed on the MCU side for testing, maybe the NA-1 sound hardware (integrated in the multiple purpose 219 chip) will get figured out. Though the existing simulation of the NA-1 sound hardware is remarkably good.

- 0.93: Added clock parameter to Namco NA sound (32000 Hz).

- 0.70u5: Changed Namco NA driver to use mame_rand for random numbers [Barry Rodewald].

- 0.66: Major improvements to the Namco NA sound emulation [Phil Stroffolino, cync]. Changed M68000 CPU1 clock speed to 12528250 Hz and added 2nd sound channel.

- 2nd March 2003: Phil Stroffolino sent in an update to the Namco NA-1/2 driver, fixing crash bugs in Tinkle Pit and Nettou! Gekitou! Quiztou!! and sprite glitches in Numan Athletics.

- 27th February 2003: Phil Stroffolino did some further improvements on the NamcoNA sound emulation.

- 26th February 2003: Cync submitted a major improvement to the NamcoNA sound emulation.

- 0.63: Added sound\namcona.c/h. Preliminary Namco NA sound support [Phil Stroffolino].

- 6th January 2003: Phil Stroffolino sent in preliminary sound support to the Namco NA-1/2 driver, it sounds very bad but it's a start.

- 0.60: Changed palettesize from 8192 to 4096 colors.

- 4th April 2002: Brian Troha re-submitted some clones to the Namco NA1/2 driver.

- 30th March 2002: Phil Stroffolino sent in a cleanup to the Namco NA1/2 driver that fixes most of the reported bugs.

- 2nd January 2002: Phil Stroffolino provided a quick and dirty fix for the Namco NA1/2 games.

- 0.57: Added includes\namcona1.h.

- 1st December 2001: Phil Stroffolino updated the Namco NA1/2 driver, fixing a significant number of graphics glitches.

- 25th November 2001: Phil Stroffolino added a patch to the Namco NA-1 driver for Numan Athletics, which is now playable but with graphics glitches.

- 0.54: Fixed INTEGER DIVIDE BY ZERO in all Namco NA1/2 games.

- 0.37b14: Changed palettesize from 4096 to 8192 colors.

- 25th March 2001: Phil Stroffolino fixed an input port bug in the Namco NA1/2 driver.

- 23rd March 2001: Phil Stroffolino submitted another update to the Namco NA1/2 driver, and it is now in pretty good shape.

- 20th March 2001: Phil Stroffolino sent in a huge update to the Namco NA1/2 driver, fixing graphics blitter bugs, adding proper scroll registers emulation and a lot more.

- 0.37b12: Added namcona1.c driver and vidhrdw\namcona1.c. Known issues: NA-2 is backwards compatible with NA-1. It isn't yet known what extra features NA2 has. Test mode for NA2 games includes an additional item: UART Test. Quiz games use 1p button 1 to pick test, 2p button 1 to begin test, and 2p button 2 to exit. Because quiz games doesn't have joystick. Almost all quiz games using JAMMA edge connector assigns button1 to up, button 2 to down, button 3 to left, button 4 to right. But Taito F2 quiz games assign button 3 to right and button 4 to left. Sound isn't hooked up. It appears to be the primary purpose of the MCU, in addition to input port services. Presumably samples are stored in the 68000 code/data ROMs. Video has ROZ feature; it is probably similar to Namco System 2. Scroll registers and screen flipping aren't well understood - see video driver notes.

- 16th September 2000: Phil Stroffolino sent in an improved Namco NA-1/2 driver, adding support for Exbania, Nettou! Gekitou! Quiztou!!, Super World Court, F/A (Cosmo Gang the Puzzle, Tinkle Pit and Emeraldia were added back in June).

- 7th September 2000: Phil Stroffolino sent in the Namco NA-1 driver, still supporting Cosmo Gang the Puzzle, Tinkle Pit and Emeraldia.

- 12th August 2000: Phil Stroffolino sent in the Namco NA-1 system driver, semi-working games are Cosmo Gang the Puzzle, Emeraldia and Tinkle Pit.

- 26th June 2000: Phil Stroffolino sent in a preliminary Namco NA-1 driver, which supports Cosmo Gang the Puzzle, Tinkle Pit and Emeraldia as nearly playable games.

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