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Romset name:
Production year: 1984
Manufacturer: Sanritsu / Sega

Game genre: Shooter
Category: Shooter / 1st Person

This machine works in MAME This machine works in MAME

Overall emulation: Good
Color emulation: Good
Sound emulation: Good
Graphics emulation: Good
Save states: Supported

In MAME since version: .028

The MAME driver of this machine is: bankp.cpp - Read the code

 Tech info 
 Hardware of this machine:
  • CHIPs [Show details]

    Z80 ("maincpu")cpu 2578080 Hz
    Speaker ("mono")audio
    SN76489 ("sn1")audio 2578080 Hz
    SN76489 ("sn2")audio 2578080 Hz
    SN76489 ("sn3")audio 2578080 Hz

  • Screens [Show details]

    This machine uses a single screen:
      Graphic type: Raster
      Screen orientation: Horizontal
      Resolution 224 x 224 @ 61.034091 Hz

  • Number of players: 2P Alternated
  • Controllers [Show details]

      Joystick [2 ways]
      Joystick [2 ways]
    Number of buttons: 3

  • Dip-switches [Show details]

    Default settings in bold
    Coin Switch 13 Coins/1 Credit
     2 Coins/1 Credit
     1 Coin/1 Credit
     1 Coin/2 Credits
    Coin Switch 22 Coins/1 Credit
     1 Coin/1 Credit
    Bonus Life70K 200K 500K
     100K 400K 800K
    Demo SoundsOff

  • ROMs (17 of the machine set) [Show details]

    Referred to MAME version: 0.181

    NameSizeCRC32SHA1StatusIn romset
    epr-6175.7e16384044552b8 8d50ba062483d4789cfd3ed86cea53dff0ff6968 good bankp
    epr-6174.7f16384d29b1598 8c1ee4d23d8d6f93af3e22f2cba189b0055994fb good bankp
    epr-6173.7h16384b8405d38 0f62a972f38b4ddcea77eb0e1d76c70ddbcb7b11 good bankp
    epr-6176.7d8192c98ac200 1bdb87868deebe03da18280e617530c24118da1c good bankp
    epr-6165.5l8192aef34a93 513895cd3144977b3d9b5ac7f2bf40384d69e157 good bankp
    epr-6166.5k8192ca13cb11 3aca0b0d3f052a742e1cd0b96bfad834e78fcd7d good bankp
    epr-6172.5b8192c4c4878b 423143d81408eda96f87bdc3a306517c473cbe00 good bankp
    epr-6171.5d8192a18165a1 9a7513ea84f9231edba4e637df28a1705c8cdeb0 good bankp
    epr-6170.5e8192b58aa8fa 432b43cd9af4e3dab579cfd191b731aa11ceb121 good bankp
    epr-6169.5f81921aa37fce 6e2402683145de8972a53c9ec01da9a422392bed good bankp
    epr-6168.5h819205f3a867 9da11c3cea967c5f0d7397c0ff4f87b4b1446c4c good bankp
    epr-6167.5i81923fa337e1 5fdc45436be27cceb5157bd6201c30e3de28fd7b good bankp
    pr-6177.8a32eb70c5ae 13613dad6c14004278f777d6f3f62712a2a85773 good bankp
    pr-6178.6f2560acca001 54c354d825a24a9085867b114a2cd6835baebe55 good bankp
    pr-6179.5a256e53bafdb 7a414f6db5476dd7d0217e5b846ed931381eda02 good bankp
    315-5074.2c.bin6032e57bbba c3e45e8a972342779442e50872a2f5f2d61e9c0a good bankp
    315-5073.pal16l41  nodump bankp

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    :  BIOS
    :  Device


Bank Panic (c) 1984 Sega.

A reaction-based shoot-em-up in which the player takes on the role of a gun-slinging Deputy, who has been charged with protecting the town bank from outlaws.

Each stage contains twelve numbered doors, with three doors visible on-screen at any one time. The player must scroll the screen left or right to bring other doors into view. At regular intervals, one or more doors will open to reveal either a bank customer or an outlaw. The customers must be allowed to deposit their money unharmed while the outlaws must be shot before they have a chance to shoot the deputy. Some of the outlaws must be shot twice before they are killed. If the player kills an innocent citizen, a player life is lost.

Doors will only open when they are on-screen and a level is only completed once cash has been deposited safely into the bank via each of the twelve doors. Each level has a tight time limit, so it's important to ensure that the player reaches the doors that are about to be opened as quickly as possible. Imminent visitors are indicated by a bar graph situated above each door, with a moving red marker showing the approach of either a customer or robber.

In addition to the outlaws, players must also be wary of time bombs that occasionally appear on one of the doors; this is indicated by both a timer and an icon above the door with the bomb. The bomb must be reached and its fuse shot before the timer runs out. As well as the outlaws and customers, a small, bow-legged cowboy occasionally appears holding gifts above his head, these can be shot for bonus points. Occasionally, an open door will reveal a town citizen bound by ropes. The player must shoot the ropes with a single shot to free the citizen.

Bonus points are awarded for the completion of a level, with the amount determined by remaining level time and the number of moneybags deposited. Players can choose to start the game on either level one, three or six, with the harder levels earning higher bonus points for stage completion.


Cabinet dimensions : 69,5inch. high x 27inch. wide x 32,25inch. deep.

Main CPU : Z80 (@ 3.86712 Mhz)

Sound Chips : (3x) SN76496 (@ 3.86712 Mhz)

Players : 2

Control : 2-way joystick

Buttons : 3

=> [A] Left fire, [B] Center fire, [C] Right fire


Bank Panic was released in December 1984.

Sanritsu is the actual developer of this game, and Sega produced and distributed it. In fact, if you look through the graphical data, you can see Sanritsu's logo amongst the different tiles and sprites.

The character's names are John, Sam (with a robber behind him), Hope (tied up with rope), Mary and Ann (with a robber behind her). Your character is simply referred to as the Hero.

Alessandro Giuriato and Gary Hatt share the official record for this game with 9,999,999 points on March 5, 1985 and May 27, 1987, respectively.


Killing a gunman :

Before he draws his gun : 100 or 200 points.

With the timer on 0.00 : 5,000 points for red shirt gunman (may also earn EXTRA letter).

With the timer on 0.00 : 3,000 points for green shirt gunman.

With the timer on 0.00 : 2,000 points for brown shirt gunman.

With the timer on 0.01-0.10 : 1,000 points.

With the timer on 0.11-0.15 : 800 points.

With the timer on 0.16-0.20 : 700 points.

With the timer on 0.21-0.25 : 600 points.

With the timer on 0.26-0.33 : 300 points.

Shooting the bomb : 100 points.

Deposits :

First bag of money : 200 points.

Second bag of money through the same door : 400 points.

Third bag of money through the same door : 600 points.

Fourth or more bag of money through the same door : 1,000 points.

A money bag deposited at a door with a cashier present: 1000 points bonus.

Regaining a stolen money bag : 1000 points.

Shooting the rope on a customer who is tied up: 3 bags of money worth 1,000 points each (3,000 points total).

Shooting the hats: 100 points for the first one, 200 points for the second, 300 points for the third, etc...

Shooting the bag of money after all the hats : 1,000 points bonus.

There are only three and four hats on rounds 1 and 2 respectively.

Sometimes after a woman is help up and the gunman is killed, a 500 points bonus is awarded (woman peeks in the door before it closes, winks and a red heart is shown).

Sometimes after a man is help up and the gunman is killed, a 200 points bonus is awarded (man peeks in the door before it closes, smiles and waves).

If EXTRA is spelled, the player earns an extra life plus 20,000 bonus points, and the game advances to the next level.

End of level bonuses :

Money bags 1-12 : 50 points each

Money bags 13-24 : 100 points each

Money bags 25-36 : 150 points each

Money bags 37-48 : 200 points each

Fair average bonus :

0:00 awards 10,000 points.

0:01 awards 9,000 points.

0:02 awards 8,000 points.

0:03 awards 7,000 points.

0:04 awards 6,000 points.

0:05 awards 5,000 points.

0:06 awards 4,000 points.

0:07 awards 3,000 points.

0:08 awards 2,000 points.

0:09 awards 1,000 points.

0:10 and above awards no points (game displays 'non points').

Timer bonus : 100 points per click of time remaining.

Starting on Level 3 : 20,000 points bonus for clearing level 3.

Starting on Level 6 : 60,000 points bonus for clearing level 6.

Robber Bosses must be shot twice to be killed - you get two scores based on the time of each hit.


* Try to always allow a gunman to draw, as you only score 100 points if he doesn't. If two or more gunmen appear take one out straight away, as it is a lot more difficult to kill more than one when they draw.

* You don't have to shoot the little guy with the hat an exact number of times, just once for each hat or more. So fire as many times as you can and you will get the bonus points.

* You should try to defuse bombs as soon as possible.

* Doors cannot be opened while you are moving, so move directly to the door you require without stopping.

* Watch the indicators above the door numbers to see which doors will be opening soon. If there are two next to each other, try to get only one of them on screen so you do not have to possibly contend with more than one gunman simultaneously.


* Consoles :

Sega SG-1000 [JP] (1985)

Sega Master System (1987) : This port is more of a remake than a port. The scoring is very different, and it is nearly impossible to get past level 14 due to the insane speed of the shooters! The instruction booklet also has an incorrectly placed screenshot of the arcade version on page 9, and the instructions are based on the arcade version instead, making it mostly incorrect for this version.

* Computers :

Sinclair ZX Spectrum (1985, "West Bank")

Amstrad CPC (1986, "West Bank")

Commodore C64 (1986, "West Bank")



Game's rom.

Machine's picture.

Arcade Retro Lounge;

Giochi Simili

Warning: information in history.dat can differ from the ones present in the rest of the page (taken from MAME) as they come from a different source

Information on bankp

0.28 [Nicola Salmoria]


- Palette problems. Kold666 (ID 04891)


- 0.147u1: Changed Z80 CPU1 and SN76489 sound clock speeds to 2578080 Hz and VSync to 61.034091 Hz.

- 0.146u1: Corrado Tomaselli improved clocks in Bank Panic driver. Changed VSync to 61.032197 Hz.

- 0.135u1: Fabio Priuli added driver data struct and save state support to Bank Panic driver.

- 0.123u5: RansAckeR simplified inputs, improved dipswitches and added DIP locations to Bank Panic driver.

- 0.118u5: Changed palettesize to 256 colors.

- 0.116u2: Justin Kerk and Lord Nightmare updated Bank Panic to correctly use the SN76489 instead of the SN76496, which was a later design.

- 0.114u1: Changed Z80 CPU1 and the 3x SN76496 sound clock speeds to 2578000 Hz. Added user1 rom ($0). Added 3rd coin slot.

- 0.113u1: Justin Szczap added DIP locations based on information from the manuals for Bank Panic.

- 29th May 2006: 3D ARCADE - New 3D cabinet model for Bank Panic from BTribble.

- 0.79u2: Removed 3rd coin slot.

- 0.33b4: Nicola Salmoria fixed high score saving in Bank Panic.

- 0.34b1: Added proms ($0, 20, 120 - palette, charset #1 and charset #2 lookup table).

- 0.28: Bank Panic (Sega 1984) support [Nicola Salmoria]. Thanks to Alan J. McCormick, colors are correct.

LEVELS: 99 (endless)

Other Emulators:

* CottAGE

* FB Alpha

* Mimic

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