50 Lions (10156111, Malaysia)

Immagine gioco: 50 Lions (10156111, Malaysia)
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Romset name: 50lionsm.zip
Production year: 2003
Manufacturer: Aristocrat

Game genre: Casino
Category: Casino / Reels

This machine is a clone of:
 • 50 Lions (10120511, NSW/ACT)

This machine needs a BIOS file:
 • Aristocrat MK6 System Software (aristmk6.zip)

This machine is NOT working in MAME This machine works in MAME

Overall emulation: Preliminary
Color emulation: Good
Sound emulation: Preliminary
Graphics emulation: Good
Save states: Not supported

In MAME since version: .143u1

The MAME driver of this machine is: aristmk6.cpp - Read the code

 Tech info 
 Hardware of this machine:
  • CHIPs [Show details]

    SH-4 (little) ("maincpu")cpu 200000000 Hz

  • Screens [Show details]

    This machine uses a single screen:
      Graphic type: Raster
      Screen orientation: Horizontal
      Resolution 640 x 480 @ 60.000000 Hz

  • Number of players: ???
  • BIOS Options [Show details]

    Default settings in bold
    bios0 Aristocrat MK6 Base (15011025, Malaysia)
    bios1 Aristocrat MK6 Base (11011901, NSW/ACT)
    bios2 Aristocrat MK6 Base (19012801)
    bios3 Aristocrat MK6 Base (13012001)
    bios4 Aristocrat MK6 Base (07010801)
    bios5 Aristocrat MK6 Base (21012901)
    bios6 Aristocrat MK6 Base (24013001)
    bios7 Aristocrat MK6 Base (04010501)
    bios8 Aristocrat MK6 Base (05010601)
    bios9 Aristocrat MK6 Base (03010301)
    bios10 Aristocrat MK6 Base (02010201)
    bios11 Aristocrat MK6 Base (02010114)
    bios12 Aristocrat MK6 Base (USA)
    bios13 Aristocrat MK6 Base (USA, set 2)
    bios14 Aristocrat MK6 Base (Set Chips, 06.02.20, USA)
    bios15 Aristocrat MK6 Base (01.04.08, USA)
    bios16 Aristocrat MK6 Base (02061013)
    bios17 Aristocrat MK6 Base (03030708)
    bios18 Aristocrat MK6 Base (09011001)
    bios19 Aristocrat MK6 Base (11011501)
    bios20 Aristocrat MK6 Base (14011913)
    bios21 Aristocrat MK6 Base (01.04.11)
    bios22 Aristocrat MK6 Set Chips (06.03.04)
    bios23 Aristocrat MK6 Base (10010110)

  • ROMs (54 of the BIOS set, 0 of the parent set, 2 of the clone set) [Show details]

    Referred to MAME version: 0.181

    NameSizeCRC32SHA1StatusIn romset
    15011025.u832097152bf21a975 a251b1a7342387300689cd50fe4ce7975b903ac5 good aristmk6
    15011025.u702097152c02e14b0 6bf98927813519dfe60e582dbe5be3ccd87f7c91 good aristmk6
    11011901.u83209715273dcb11c 69ae4f32a0c9141b2a82ff3935b0cd20333d2964 good aristmk6
    11011901.u702097152d3dd2210 3548f8cc39859d3f44a55f6bae48966a2d48e0eb good aristmk6
    19012801 System Left2097152b03bd17c f281e80f6dda5b727ed71d2deebe3b0ff548773f good aristmk6
    19012801 System Right20971525b20a96c 5fd916b7cc2cdd51bf7dd212c1114f94dc9c7926 good aristmk6
    System 13 Eprom Set -2MB-M27V160 Left209715238e8f659 88c6acba99b0aca023c6f4d27c061c231490e9e0 good aristmk6
    System 13 Eprom Set -2MB-M27V160 Right2097152e627dbfa 4fedbe0975ceb7dc0ebebf18a7708d78984db9b7 good aristmk6
    07010801_SYSTEM_EPROM_NSW_LEFT20971528e92af68 00d2bb655b7964a9652896741210ec534df0b0d2 good aristmk6
    07010801_SYSTEM_EPROM_NSW_RIGHT20971528c148c11 5ff3be18455b4f04675fec8d5b9d881295c65e23 good aristmk6
    NSWsystem21_left20971520d271470 5cd4b604bfe2fd7e9a8d08e1c7c97f17ae068479 good aristmk6
    NSWsystem21_right2097152757618f2 43f9a3e7d544979f8c6974945914d9e099b02abd good aristmk6
    24013001 Left209715206ae7e07 39a45575b66906d73b519988d1001c99b05c5f34 good aristmk6
    24013001 Right2097152e97afedf 10ca3b015afaff5d7812f0f5207b2535602136a5 good aristmk6
    System 04 Eprom Set -1MB-M27V800 Left104857621182775 7c5b7f5aba3babc85f512a8f7d4ebc0d83eb842a good aristmk6
    System 04 Eprom Set -1MB-M27V800 Right10485763daefb7a 411471713219f4bab5ccf5fe7a12a6c138c8c550 good aristmk6
    05010601_SYSTEM_EPROM_NSW_LEFT1048576b3e6b4a0 3bf398c9257579f8e51ce716d6ebfa74fa510273 good aristmk6
    05010601_SYSTEM_EPROM_NSW_RIGHT1048576c12eac11 683b9ddc323865ace7dca37d13b55de6e42759a5 good aristmk6
    03010301.u7010485765ae69121 36dd3f9aaf5f7d2751d1954d67f898bc3ec71f3b good aristmk6
    03010301.u711048576d793440a dced4c04bde13293af77a9a1f4c5c606e3758de0 good aristmk6
    03010301.u831048576c8580554 58b8bfff2f8d298c4e3be2b01900800c45fa7ad7 good aristmk6
    03010301.u841048576a34a9f16 b8750e6ceb1715da8e5ac2f0183254e29a042641 good aristmk6
    System 02010201 Eprom Set -1MB-M27V800.u7010485769b2db442 d512398a2d9257bd385dc50d61c63cd1a47300ba good aristmk6
    System 02010201 Eprom Set -1MB-M27V800.u71104857624d5614a fdcf3826dccc72b74b66379b1411cf211d5a1670 good aristmk6
    System 02010201 Eprom Set -1MB-M27V800.u8310485765f64a20c 397404ab6d2a1aa3c1fc77bb9421fef7079b65a5 good aristmk6
    System 02010201 Eprom Set -1MB-M27V800.u8410485760920930f 771b0f62442d1c75b1bb59ad82365b7ab8747173 good aristmk6
    02010114 System Set 1MB M27V800.u7010485763ba4379f 84367f12c4c9224d2ab9cae83ae8727de338408c good aristmk6
    02010114 System Set 1MB M27V800.u7110485768f83c3dd a5f9d80b4b515b24299d0241e1665cfd9da8bab7 good aristmk6
    02010114 System Set 1MB M27V800.u831048576945104d7 e372d0cf889c72b5d001b26fe4a925a28486537f good aristmk6
    02010114 System Set 1MB M27V800.u841048576183e3836 4c802d0cd010bc007acb3a83e37aaa29b2d13d87 good aristmk6
    system-base-.01.03.14.-u70-27v16020971527138fec4 f81331d1875ac574d3e6c98be218ff25c6c7be5a good aristmk6
    system-base-.01.03.14.-u83-27v1602097152889ffd82 9c98c9cdcf5f7d05095f11006418133029e9f0f8 good aristmk6
    system-base-u70-01.03.06-m27v16020971522f9d9a29 fdebfaca9a579d7249379f19aef22fbfd66bf943 good aristmk6
    system-base-u83-01.03.06-m27v1602097152bd48ca55 8fb1576cbeb1c64c358880714740195d2e73e03e good aristmk6
    U70-03 Cs 0364A1048576199ed3b9 e3ee81ffd713f09e35a10c38e4f59282e2c5cd30 good aristmk6
    U83-02 Cs 08DD1048576e4001f60 5da34efb1ac0f7c84a48e09363d20cfecda4bcf1 good aristmk6
    base-01.04.08-u70-u20-left-cs-850920971520dfcad10 53798be000304aed38909f5fd8470a68bedd8229 good aristmk6
    base-01.04.08-u83-u10-right-cs-d74e209715295333304 7afe49d6c5e4d6820f349778557daa88c5366a51 good aristmk6
    02061013 System 02 Left1048576e70a7007 0935f924866162d9c0fbdbb99391cbf730a04b76 good aristmk6
    02061013 System 02 Right10485767a8619a5 bd03ddb68817c1660b009e102ccf69e5b603b875 good aristmk6
    03030708 System 03 SA LEFT10485764e5ad823 77ab1c29c6172cfdcef776222a72b2b44114d4da good aristmk6
    03030708 System 03 SA RIGHT1048576b4b3c6a5 5747f98a6eaa5c24a23d1d76a28b33a3bfbbfd1f good aristmk6
    09011001_SYSTEM_09_EPROM_NSW_LEFT2097152229c2e63 91fd2b1acb69efe073647e93db9f11042add2feb good aristmk6
    09011001_SYSTEM_09_EPROM_NSW_RIGHT20971528a853f80 9a75498f7b02c81a483b4e1c158f35f0ee4c0112 good aristmk6
    11011501_SYSTEM_11_EPROM_NSW_2MB_M27V160_LEFT2097152c5cc3461 5b43c4cb6110a6ccf67cd0f3789253f6872b20c4 good aristmk6
    11011501_SYSTEM_11_EPROM_NSW_2MB_M27V160_RIGHT2097152de4c3aed 21596a2edd20eb7de7a4ec8900a270b09c8f326f good aristmk6
    14011913 System 14 Eprom Left20971529a4cefdf 6c15bc565ede8af19361d60ee1e6657a8055c92c good aristmk6
    14011913 System 14 Eprom Right209715201d13b89 b1013366d0803dfbec5a5f90f6a5cea862de0513 good aristmk6
    01.04.11 System.u702097152787f2b07 2548289e44f4b935346b759afb5383bdbac04c3e good aristmk6
    01.04.11 System.u8320971522dae8ca0 7a0fb38b4c1ac7195d15bdab6f0cfb16c78430f0 good aristmk6
    Set 06.03.04 U210485766f5f5ef1 70a43fba4de47ed8dcf38b25eafd5873f3428e72 good aristmk6
    Set 06.03.04 U310485767034f26b 7be78f23bec38d05240cdfe1186ec0c8291f5a1c good aristmk6
    US_system_.u7020971520095e3f9 d2e8786158b1ab0a614aab21cf1d14cbc04754af good aristmk6
    US_system_.u8320971522c7f1ec3 d03167f43ed6f9596080d91472695829378cef0a good aristmk6
    10156111.u864194304c3791531 b9c60be9624463eb591f2baf421ff90b8763449b good 50lionsm
    10156111.u734194304ec1b699b 5a6ad7c7eb02443e42ee6a88525ae95a2b0a3195 good 50lionsm

    :  PARENT Machine
    :  CLONE Machine
    :  BIOS
    :  Device

Warning: information in history.dat can differ from the ones present in the rest of the page (taken from MAME) as they come from a different source

Information on 50lions

0.146u4 [AGEMAME]

0.143u1 [AGEMAME]


- 0.146u4: 50 Lions parent/clone swapped (Australian set is now parent) [Heihachi_73]. Changed clone '(set 2, 10120511)' to parent '50 Lions (10120511, NSW/ACT)' and '50 Lions (set 1, 10156111)' to clone '(10156111, Malaysia)'. Renamed (50lions) to (50lionsa) and (50lionsa) to (50lions).

- 0.143u1: Added 50 Lions (set 1, 10156111) (Aristocrat 200?) and clone (set 2, 10120511).

Romset: 8192 kb / 2 files / 5.21 zip

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